Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 16

At last it was time for Carter to face off against Wu. She was level 9 but wearing the wrong colour belt.

It took him two tries, but he beat her. This turned out to be the final match Carter needed to win to earn the Grand Master title, completing his lifetime wish.

He met Wu’s husband and their new daughter.

I didn’t realise at this point that Grand Masters can continue to participate in the tournament, so decided to have Carter earn money from his other two skills for a while.

On Fridays and Saturdays, he moonlights at the lounge. He rarely earns more than 1000 simoleons for a 12 hour shift but it’s fun for him to be around people.

It would normally be worth stocking the bar with high quality fruit but obviously we’re not doing gardening this generation. There’s always the market stand I guess. But then the mixologist did tell Carter that his drinks were actually too high quality, so that might be a waste. Maybe I’ll build an exclusive lounge. I don’t know; I feel like I’ve been building  a lot, and I still have to finish up the house and then make a larger one for the next generation.

Anyway, I noticed that Ho sung Showed up every time Carter moonlit, and usually stayed sitting at the bar until closing.

Sunday through Thursday, I’ve mostly been having Carter take photographs. I already got a lot of the easy big ticket ones back in Riverview, but there are still plenty of subjects left that don’t require too much work. It’s just a matter of going about town finding sims sparring, lovers holding hands, things like that. And it’s still worth taking a picture of the big value landmarks like the Dragon Cave each day, even with the diminished value.

Carter’s made good friends with the art shop clerk Li Yuan.

So Carter was kept pretty busy with all of that, but he was still sitting on that wish to share a first kiss with someone. Towards the end of autumn, I had him tell Ho Sung how he feels about him.

The following evening he invited his Aunt Paula round to meet Ho Sung properly. Thomas and Yanna came along too.

This gave me the kick I needed to decorate the living/dining room and kitchen.

As a way round the no cooking restriction, Carter hired a catering team. I have Biyu Shen as the chef because she has the natural cook trait, and aspiring singer Xiabo Yuan as the server. I set the menu to include everyone’s favourite dishes.

I set the dish selection to random, curious to see whether they would each order their favourite. You won’t have this option with the unmodded oven, but I think you can still place it in your home to get a professional chef to cook for you.

I was excited to see that everyone did indeed each choose their favourite. (And, yes, Carter and Ho Sung have the same favourite food.)

I really like this, though it’s a pricey way to eat. I guess a butler would be an option too. Let me know in the comments if you have any other fun ideas for eating without using any skills. Next generation we’re doing advanced technology so I’ll be getting a food synthesizer.

Carter made some more drinks for everyone.

He poured some tea for Paula on the deck. I’d just installed the Old Mill Tea Set Revamped, which lets me invite inactive sims to sit down for a cup of tea.

After the other guests had left, Ho Sung surprised Carter with some flowers.

All in all, a successful evening I think.

Later that week, Wu invited Carter to a party. She’d made some mac and cheese.

The party itself wasn’t that interesting, but it was nice for Carter to catch up with some of his friends.

Taking a picture of Wu’s TV brought number of subjects he had captured up to 75, completing the ‘Photog’ challenge, which will increase the base value of Carter’s photographs.

I feel like I’ve settled into a rhythm with the photography now. I’m still keeping my eye out for new subjects, but usually just taking three a day, all panoramic vignettes: the Dragon Cave (worth almost 6 thousand), the Scholar’s Garden (around 2.5 thousand), and the Academy (2 thousand). After consignment fees, they seem to sell at about 150% markup, with Carter’s reputation currently only at decent. Somtimes they don’t all sell, but when they do it’s a potential earning of around 15 thousand each day. Even just selling from straight from the inventory brings in over 10,000 for a moments’ work.

I don’t think I ever really got the photography skill before. For the first time, I’m finding it quite satisfying. Forget about completing the collections: it’s too annoying, and the reward for finishing five of them is just no longer being charged to take photos. Just focus on capturing whichever of the subjects are most fun for you, get ‘Architect’s Eye’, and ‘Photog’ too if you can be bothered, and earn your living with high value shots of various landmarks.

I like these three subjects because you can actually capture all three from the same spot, just beside the Academy. If Carter gets up early, he can have them taken by the time the store opens at 9am.

I bought him an electric car to help him nip around town a little quicker.

He usually spends the remainder of the morning meditating.

He can zenoport to wherever he needs to be that afternoon.

Once he’s clocked 150 hours of meditation, zenoport will be immediately available whenever he needs it, which will make things even easier.

Carter still moonlights at the fusion lounge on Fridays and Saturdays. I’m going for the ‘Master Mixologist’ challenge: serve 60 sims for better tips and improved relationships with patrons.

The rest of his time he’s free to spend on dates with Ho Sung and hanging out with their friends.

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