Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 17

The first days of winter brought some changes to the town. Aunt Paula passed away.

Jeramy’s wife gave birth to a baby girl, Peijing.

Jeramy, Lu and Peijing have moved in with Wu and her family. I guess there aren’t enough houses for everyone in Shang Simla.

Carter ordered a plumber to fix their broken sink. He needed a picture of one at work anyway.

Carter had a birthday party.

As evening fell, Thomas got out his Laser-Rhythm-a-Con to entertain the guests.

In spite of his family-orientated and hopeless romantic traits, Carter hadn’t yet rolled any wishes to get married. I generally only like to do weddings when my sims wish for them, so I just went ahead and quietly moved Ho Sung in.

It’s nice for them to be able to wake up together each morning. Carter had been getting quite lonely living on his own.

Ho Sung is a self-employed martial artist too. His lifetime wish was the lifeguard one, but I changed it to Grand Master. He’s been steadily working his way through the tournament ranks.

I noticed Carter still had the option to challenge tournament contenders, even though he’s already at the highest rank. That’s a nice surprise.

The couple still see Thomas and Yanna often.

They’ve also spent some time with Ho Sung’s sister Sun Young. She has a good sense of humour, which I expected to be a problem for Carter, but apparently he still has his gift for impressing all kinds of sims with trivia.

Sun Young has a daughter, Nuwa, and a son, Changpu.

Changpu usually asks for some extra pocket money from his uncles.

They always say yes. Sometimes they give him a bedtime story too.

A week into winter, Ho Sung had a birthday party.

Looking at my age spans, I worked out that my sims in this legacy need to have their children no later than six days into the adult stage, if they want to guarantee living to see them graduate from high school. For Carter and Ho Sung, I decided to do something I’d never tried before: engineer a baby at the hospital in Oasis Landing.

I just used Traveler to send them there, rather than messing about with Emit the time-traveler. They still seemed to arrive via the portal.

I sent them straight to the hospital, where I chose to randomize their baby’s genetics, based on theirs.

And so Jia Simovitch-Kim was born.

None of the traits she’s eventually going to have are available for infants, so I’ve just given her brave and genius until she ages up into a child. Her favourites are white, rockabilly, and hot dogs. When she’s older, she’ll be mastering collecting, advanced technology, and social networking.

Carter’s schedule was looking a little too packed for a new father. I decided to have him give up his Fridays and Saturdays at the fusion lounge for now. I let Ho Sung and him carry on fighting their ranked mataches, but in the back garden, so they could stay close by the nursery.

The photography is easy to handle, and still very lucrative. Every other night at around 11pm I’ve been sending Carter out get two days’ worth of photos. He sells them to his friend Li a couple of times a week. He has a ‘good’ reputation at the store now.

It wasn’t long before Jia’s birthday arrived.

Most of my toddlers I can hardly tell apart, but she’s got a really distinctive face, so much like Carter’s. I think it’s the nose, and the rotated eyes.

I’m excited to see how she ages up, and to get started on the next generation’s set of skills!

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