Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 21

With Carter approaching the end of his lifespan, I decided it was time for another trip to Oasis Landing, to fulfill the wish that he and Ho Sung had both rolled to have another child.

I thought it might be nice for Jia to come along too, to learn some more sprite forms from the sims there.

Unfortunately, my game just could not make it through the loading screen without crashing. So annoying. It was completely fine the last time we visited.

After three tries I gave up and sent the family to Champs Les Sims instead, for a little holiday.

Carter rushed to the nectary to get a picture of it. Apparently you have until 5pm on the first day to capture this subject before the location turns into a permanent hotspot.

His picture was worth just shy of 3,000 simoleons. We’re almost at the point of not having to think about money at all, but it still felt satisfying to tick another subject of the list.

Carter bought a few bottles of nectar while he was there too.

I checked his photo journal to see what else he had yet to capture. I didn’t want to spend the holiday chasing after subjects, but there were a few easy ones that I was happy to get—a french market and some more plants.

Meanwhile, Ho Sung went on an adventure to the old burial mound on the outskirts of town.

But his way in was blocked by a pile of rubble.

I wasn’t sure whether clearing it would be against the rules of the challenge I’ve set myself, only to focus on three skills per generation. On the one hand, clearing rubble builds the athletic skill, which isn’t one of the three rolled for Carter and Ho Sung. On the other hand, they have both already maxed out the athletic skill, unavoidably, in the course of working on their martial arts.

In the end, I decided not to clear the rubble, and simply to cancel the quest. What I should have done is gone to Shang Simla with Carter’s mum, my athletic sim, to retrieve Pangu’s Axe. Then we could have cleared as much rubble as we liked for the rest of the legacy. Ah well, never mind.

The trip over to the burial mound wasn’t a waste at least. In the entrance hall, I spotted a titanium ingot, which I sent Jia over to collect. She also got some supernovium from a hole in the ground outside.

Argh, bugs!! This will never not creep me out.

Expecting it to take a day or so for the collectables lying about town to start spawning, I then sent Jia to explore the catacombs.

She got a basil seed, a french gnome, and horribly singed.

My sims all met up the Catania Cafe that evening. Jia had a cheese plate, Ho Sung chose Bouillabaisse, and Carter tried the frogs legs.

Back at the base camp, Carter opened one of the bottles of nectar he’d bought, a twenty- year-old Meloire.

He and his husband settled into one of the double beds.

Jia claimed the room next door. Before dropping off to sleep, she streamed video for a bit on her phone, earning her first point in the social networking skill.

When she hits level 5, I’ll have her start a news blog. I’m not interested in the personal blog, and I don’t think there’s enough entertainment on offer in Shang Simla to sustain the reviewer one.

We stuck around for a couple more days in Champs Les Sims. Jia got a genie lamp from the catacombs, but no collectables spawned about town. It usually doesn’t take more than a day or two.

The problem didn’t seem to be with the collection helper, as it was showing all the fishing sites just fine.

I extended the holiday by two more days, but still no rocks or bugs were showing up. Now I think about it, I had a similar issue with nanites not spawning the first time I visited Oasis Landing for my EP Legacy.

Just as I was about to give up, I found an option in the Nraas Traveler menu called ‘force spawners’. It worked immediately! I guess they just had to be reset or something.

With the spawners working properly, Jia found a cerambyx beetle, a two-tailed pasha butterfly, and a glowy fly, all unique to Champs Les Sims.

She also came across many base game ones, including the extraordinarily unusual rainbow beetle.

When evening fell, she was able to catch a couple of pink fireflies.

She expanded her collection of gems and metals too. Overall the trip was a great success!

Happy at last, I sent the family home to Shang Simla. By the time they’d all settled back in, Ho Sung was ready to celebrate his birthday.

And why eat birthday cake when you can have outstanding quality synthesized angel cake?

As I was about to close down my game, I decided to give oasis landing one more try. And for no reason I could fathom, the world loaded without any problems.

I hadn’t taken Jia, who was still recovering from the previous trip. I wanted to make it a quick one anyway, because I was still a bit wary from the crashes I’d had.

Carter and Ho Sung went straight to the science center to engineer another baby, Lin Simovitch-Kim.

Lin is brave and artistic . Her favourites are R&B, french toast, and the colour white. Here she is back at home. There’s no room in the house for another bedroom, but she seems happy enough in the baby swing from the store.

Next it was Jia’s turn to visit Oasis Landing.

Again, the future world loaded with no problems, and seemed to be running completely smoothly.

On arriving there, Jia’s lifetime wish to own various pieces of advanced technology was fulfilled, presumably because they were all available at the Community Living Center. That feels a little cheaty. I suppose it saves us having to buy a jet pack, which I’m too scared too use even at advanced technology level 10.

It was the middle of the night in Oasis Landing, so I sent Jia straight to bed to ‘dream of a happy life’.

I feel I was a little too dismissive of the dreaming system during the the Into the Future generation of my EP legacy, so I’d like to give it a bit more a chance this time.

Jia’s dream started off well.

But soon she started to look troubled, and her Zs turned from green to white.

I  chose to influence the outcome by having her buy white furniture in her dream. White is her favourite colour, so that seemed like a good choice. And it did indeed have a positive effect upon her dream.

The white Zs went green again. But when Jia’s dream took another bad turn a few hours later, none of the options I chose could turn it positive again.

The dream ended up having a ‘normal’ outcome, neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’. Jia woke up with a 12 hour +6 ‘fairly fulfilled’ moodlet’. (It would be +5 for sims without the over-emotional trait.) The wiki says this outcome also grants 250 LTH points, but I didn’t notice either way. The ‘good’ outcome apparently gives a +15 moodlet and 500 LTH points.

I was quite keen to have Jia complete the ‘Synthesized’ advanced technology challenge while she was in the future. After your sim has programmed a recipe into twenty unique food synthesizer, they unlock a final upgrade for the synthesizers, which makes their food even higher quality.

Jia spent a couple of days just going to local houses doing that.

She also learned two more sprite forms from the residents. The forms are called Gamma and Pixon.

That brought her total to ten forms, thereby unlocking the eleventh, Esper.  It’s the prettiest so far I think.

I wasn’t able to get Roboid or Astrid. These are unlocked by reaching level 5 of the Bot Arena and Astronomer careers respectively. I thought Jia might be able to learn them from a resident employed in one of those careers, but no one she met seemed to have a job. If you’d like to see all the sprite forms together, including Roboid and Astrid, someone has posted a picture here.

At night, I continued to have Jia try out different dreams. Here she is dreaming about animals.

The dreams can be divided into four main categories: dreams that temporarily alter traits; dreams that impact upon skill, work, or relationship gain rate the following day (increasing it for good dreams, and decreasing it for bad dreams); dreams that fill up or tank motives; and dreams that grant other moodlets and benefits.

If you want to get the ‘positive’ outcome, just wait until your sim’s Zs are green and then wake them up. You can have them sleep the rest of the night normally. Do so in a normal bed if you want the ‘well rested’ moodlet; the Dream Pod does not seem to grant it.

If, however, you don’t want things to be perfect all the time, I think it might be fun to just let the dream go how it goes, and not try to influence it or wake your sim up early. I like the idea of doing this with the skill gain ones especially. It might add a nice bit of challenge and variety to find your sim’s exercise plans scuppered by a bad dream, for example.

There was no point in using any of the skill-orientated ones with Jia, since she’s already maxed out advanced technology, and there is no dream for social networking or collecting. But once we’re back in Shang Simla and we’ve got space for a Dream Pod, I may let some of the other dreams just run their course. That way Jia and her sister might sometimes wake up feeling lonely or hungry, for example, or even with a different personality, as a result of their bad dreams. It could be interesting, sort like a tamer version of the Unstable trait.

In Oasis Landing, though, I was focused on the job in hand, so I always woke Jia up as soon as her Zs turned green. From her dream about animals she got +36 (+30) from ‘brushed’ moodlets. Her dream of riches granted her 500 simoleons, supposed by reminding her to deposit a cheque. Dreaming of food maxed out her hunger motive, and ‘dream of sleeping with the fishes’ granted her five fish!

Most abusable of all was ‘dream about waking up’, which filled Jia’s energy up all the way, even though she’d only been asleep for half an hour when I woke her.

I was eager to get back to Carter, Ho Sung, and baby Lin, so I was happy enough to take advantage of this little exploit for now. At nighttime, when Jia couldn’t get into anyone’s house to tinker about with their food synthesizers, I sent her out collecting.

To tell the truth, I was getting a little bored with all the recipe programming. I think we’d only done about eight out of twenty after five days of it. I decided to send Jia home to her family that evening, and to let her spend her final day collecting beetles and butterflies.

I wasn’t able to find the honey pot ant or the pill bug. I wonder if you have to be in the dystopian future to get those.

2 thoughts on “Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 21

  1. Carter’s close to the end?! It’s too soon! 😦 I’m glad they got to have another child.

    That’s weird that Oasis Landing randomly worked/didn’t work. Sometimes it seems the stars must align for the game to cooperate.

    Esper is a pretty sprite!

    I think if I dreamed about food all night I’d wake up hungry, lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • It has gone quickly! But don’t worry: I’m a few parts ahead, and he has so far lived long past the expected lifespan.

      Argh, oh my goodness, those crashes. And the game always take so long to load. At least it worked in the end. Just wish I knew why!

      Glad you like Esper. I’m really glad we were able to get it.

      I think I’d wake up hungry too! And if I had a nightmare about food I’d probably wake up not wanting to eat, but for sims it’s the other way round.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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