Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 23

With four sims, things were starting to feel cramped in my 35K build. Fortunately, by this point, I had the new place finished enough to move the family in. Here’s an aerial view.

Lin and Jia were both due to age up, so I turned the housewarming into a double birthday celebration for them.

Lin rolled gatherer, like her sister. Cute! They’re going to be close I think.

I gave Jia her final three traits: vegetarian, shy, and brooding.

That’s the hair she had a child I’ve given her. I’ve switched back to it because the other one just a bit too gappy from certain angles.

Ho Sung’s niece Nuwa sat down to play a tune for everyone.

Lin and Jee Young got to know some of the other children: Nuwa’s daughter Jee Young, and Thomas and Yanna’s son Manchu.

Jia synthesized some bunnies and chocolate gnomes for dinner.

For her birthday, Lin got a Windcarver and Holo Disc. I had Jia teach her a couple of the sprite forms.

The Holo Discs aren’t the only pets the family has. Now that we have more space, I was finally able to buy a perch for Jia’s falcon.

The house still isn’t quite finished. The girls will have to bunk up together until I’ve decorated the other bedrooms.

Jia dreamed about a happy life. I just chose it as the first one on the list. When I get a moment I might make a list of all the relevant ones and randomize my choice each night.

I do like this quite a bit. Oh, and since they now share a bed Lin was able to join her sister’s dream!

They each had different options to influence the dream, but I left all that alone. I didn’t wake them up early either. As I said a couple of parts back, I think it’s more fun and realistic just to see how things play out on their own.

Jia was up before Lin the next morning, because she has the meditative trance sleep reward. She woke up out of a bad part of the dream with a 12 hour -18 (-15) moodlet, but 100 LTH points.

It might have been nice for her to be able to talk to her dads about her dream, and maybe to feel a little better after doing so. For me that would nicely cap off this whole system.

Lin slept on a little longer, waking up out of a ‘normal’ part of the dream with a +5 ‘fairly fulfilled’ moodlet and 250 LTH points.

The sisters began their day with a power cleanse. I’ve put these showers in Jia’s closet, since there’s no water to get on the clothes.

For breakfast Jia synthesized’s Lin’s favourite, french toast.

Neither Carter nor Ho Sung was hungry, but they joined their daughters at the table.

Both of them still participate in the martial arts tournament most days. That morning, they won matches against their old friends Wu and Zhan.

Carter impressed Zhan with his trivia knowledge.

Wu is the grandmother to twins now.

They spent the afternoon breaking space rocks. I was keen to find a pink diamond, to complete Jia’s gem collection.

When they started to feel fatigued, they recuperated in the bathhouse.

It rained all day. Jia stayed dry under the porch, picking up the space rock gems and making blog posts about her finds.

Lin signed up for home schooling.

It’s a nice option to have, although in retrospect I maybe should have placed down a rabbit hole school. I like to have my kids feel a little more anchored in the routines of community life, especially with all the grown-ups self employed.

At least they have a solid network of friends and family to visit. That evening, they were all invited to a party at Thomas and Yanna’s.

It was pretty much dead. When are these things not? But Jia was actually happy not to have too many other sims there. Strangers are the only thing that scares her.

At the party, Lin spent some more time with her second cousin Manchu. He’s a friendly little boy, and very clever.

He must have the hidden ‘future sim’ trait, because he has a Holo Disc too.

Lin’s using the Futech form now. When she gets to level 7 of advanced technology, I’ll have her start using Chromec—the white one with the rainbow mane—as the closest match for her favourite colour.

I gave Jia and Lin separate dreams that night. To help Lin with her skilling up, I had her dream of advanced technology. Jia’s was called something like ‘dream of travel’. It’s not listed in the wiki.

I was curious to see how the travel one would turn out. Jia woke up from a ‘normal’ phase of it, with a +6 (+5) moodlet that read: ‘Dreams of vacation fun leave Jia eager for further global travel and engaging adventure with her visa points’. When I checked her travel journal, I noticed she had earned some Egyptian visa points! Interesting.

Lin had a normal dream too. The positive outcome of the advanced technology dream is a 75% boost to that skill, the normal one is a 25% boost, and the negative one is a 75% penalty, all for twelve hours.

After Lin had finished her homework, she advantage of her 25% boost by spending the day chatting with her Holo Disc.

A break in the heavy summer rain provided Jia with a good opportunity to collect some space rocks. She hasn’t been doing nearly so well with these as with her gems and metals. There only seem to be a couple of spawners for them in Shang Simla, and I’m always forgetting where they are.

She also found a few excavation sites.

To get about, she used the teleporter lifetime reward object. I’ve never bought this before, but Carter had so many LTH points I figured why not. It’s really quite convenient.

6 thoughts on “Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 23

  1. That’s interesting that they can join each others dreams. I agree that having the option of talking about it would make sense. When I have a crazy/scary dream, I talk about it!

    I can definitely see how the teleporter would be useful for collecting, especially in China.

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