The Vanderburg-Grey House

Roger and Danette have just moved into their second house, a cosy 1.5bdrm at 608 Plundering Way, furnished with all their favourite knickknacks. There’s a bot building station for Roger, enough floor space for Danette to play on her guitar, and a little nursery for when their niece Ruth comes to stay.

Basement         Hobby Room         Main Level         Bedroom


9 thoughts on “The Vanderburg-Grey House

  1. Another beautiful build, I’ll have to download it next time I boot up sims 3. You always have amazing kitchens. That look well lived in. Your are always a inspiration for my own building.

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    • Hi Tora! Thanks so much for these kind words. The kitchen took forever because it’s quite a small space, with doors in awkward places. I’m glad you like it 🙂
      Really honoured that your builds inspire you; yours obviously are for me too. I always get so excited when you have a new one out!
      Hope you enjoy checking the house out in game! If you’re wondering why the fireplace is forwards from the wall a bit with CASted decor pieces shoved behind it, it’s because when I put it up against the wall it apparently blocked the kitchen stove, even though the two objects were in different rooms. Sims are so silly sometimes, lol 🙂


  2. lol sims logic is amazing sometimes.I had a similar issue with an object in a different room in my last build actually. I have a build I might be uploading soon actually.

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  3. Gorgeous as always, love it! The shingle look goes so well in BB, and you do such a fantastic job with these! I’m currently in the middle of a reinstall (the expansions/stuff packs are done, but the store stuff is a WIP!) so I’ll save it for downloading later!

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