The Vanderburg-Grey Household

High-spirited band manager Danette loves nature walks, jamming with her sister Susannah, and hanging out at the local clubs. Danette was raised in Bridgeport by famous writer-director duo, Cid and Samantha Severus-Grey. Though she still sees her parents often, she and husband Roger are now ready to make their own way in the world, with a little good luck.

The couple first met through their parents, who had been good friends since their university days. Danette and Roger clicked at once, each drawn to the other’s outgoing personality and cheerful outlook on life.

With hisΒ sports-star-turned-philanthropist dad and world-renowned surgeon mum, Roger’s is no stranger to the spotlight, although he spent most of his childhood miles away from the big city, in idyllic Riverview. He always loved the country air, but as he got older he started to crave a little more nightlife. For him, Barnacle Bay is the perfect mix of town and country.

Roger enjoys his job here too, teaching shop to high school students. At the weekends, between grading papers and dancing the night away with Danette, he always finds an hour or two to work on his robot designs.



8 thoughts on “The Vanderburg-Grey Household

  1. Beautiful couple, I really love Danette’s outfits especially the every day one with the leggings, that artsy style with the hat I just really find appealing. πŸ™‚

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    • Aw, thank you! I don’t usually bother with hats because it can be difficult to find matching hair for the other outfits (the TS4 system is so much better!), but this one just seemed really right on her. Happy simming πŸ™‚


  2. Ya being able to wear any hat with any hair is better. imagine it was easier to get the clay hair to bend with the hat mesh than with alpha hair. That is my favorite female hat in sims 3 though, my favorite male one is that fedora from one of the wedding sets, I like fedoras but I also like that hat because there is a matching hair without the hat from another set (boy did they ever get us to spend the monies :P)

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    • Now you mention it I know exactly what what you mean, though it never clicked before that the hairs are the same! That’s really useful to bear in mind. Ah yes the store, lol. I have so many lovely things from there, but it was so expensive. And a lot of the premium content needed to be modded because of the store team weren’t allowed to modify the game code. I do think the TS4 game packs are a better way to deliver that kind of thing.


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