Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 26

When Lin’s birthday arrived, I had a real nightmare trying to get her to age up. She would start celebrating at the birthday cake, but then the interaction would cancel out for no reason. The same thing happened when I tried to use Master Controller’s ‘trigger age transition’.

I vaguely remembered having a similar issue a few years ago. Back then it was resolved by resetting the problematic sim before their birthday, but that didn’t help this time. Neither did reloading my game with cleared caches, nor moving the family in and out. I even rolled back to a save I’d made before we went to Egypt, in case something had got messed up during travel, but to no avail.

In the end, I just aged Lin up in CAS, then reset her to stop her glitching out. I used a randomizer to determine her final trait. Now she’s brave, artistic, a gatherer, and a night owl.

I tested aging up the normal way with a couple of other kids. Fortunately the aging up bug seemed to be confined to Lin. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens when it’s time for her to become a young adult.

Since she hadn’t had a proper birthday party, I sent her out for a night of fun with her friends.

Her second-cousin Manchu had aged up fine, rolling ‘gatherer’. Now they get along better than ever.

The rest of the family gave Lin some space, opting for drinks in the park instead.

Carter completed the Master Mixologist skill challenge. Now that he’s served 60 sims, he will earn more from moonlighting and will get a relationship boost with customers. This one might be nice, if it didn’t literally take a lifetime to complete.

After a few drinks, Jia got called away to a party. She arrived to see her friend Andrew cheating on his girlfriend Huang with the host.

Jia was especially upset because Huang is a dear friend of hers.

When she stormed out, the host had the nerve to say, ‘I’m glad you’re leaving, Jia. Thanks for making my party lame!’

By the time she got home, Jia was feeling awful.

She complained to her dads, when they got in later on.

That helped a bit, but what she really needed was to sit alone and brood for a few hours.

The following morning, Jia went to find Huang at the market. It turned out that her friend already knew about the affair. I’m glad I didn’t have to decide whether to tell her or not.

Jia did her best console her, which turned out to be pretty easy. Sims are simple creatures.

Noticing that Huang and Andrew were still in a relationship, I checked Andrew’s other romantic entanglements with Master Controller. He was apparently no longer interested in the party host, nor in anyone but Huang. He must have broken off the affair.

Huang is one of the several sims that my game has assigned to the special merchant role. I don’t know what it’s doing. There seems to be a new one every couple of days, and I can’t work out how to use Register either to remove the assignation from specific sims or to disable it altogether.

It is possible to invite these special merchants to residential or community lots as normal, but I hadn’t realized that, so for lunch I just had Jia pop over to the consignment store to fetch a bottle of nectar.

Lin finished her homeschooling early, freeing up the whole day. I’ve been feeling bad about her not being able to explore her artistic side until she moves out, so I bought her the glass blowing station. This object actually has its own skill, but, since I forgot to include it when I was rolling for each generation, I figure it’s fair game for any of my sims to use. While she’s still living with us, I’m going to have Lin smelt the metals that Jia finds.

When Jia got in from her drinks with Huang, the sisters worked together, smelting metals and cutting gems.

The mineral-working room is in the far south wing of the house, in what may once have been the quarters of servants or low-ranking family members. The noise didn’t seem to bother Carter or Ho Sung, meditating in the main courtyard—one of the benefits of having a 64-long house.

The couple’s space rock breaking finally revealed a pink diamond! That was the final one Jia needed to complete her gem collection.

That night, Jia dreamed about family, while Lin dreamed about the wilderness.

Both dreams were ‘good’. Jia woke up with the ‘family-orientated’ trait and the wish to give a gift to Huang’s brother Gang. Jia hadn’t spoken to Gang since they met and briefly flirted as teenagers, so I can only assume that the wish was triggered by her dream.

Before anyone else was up, she went out searching for some jade, to match Gang’s favourite colour, green.

It didn’t take too long to find some with the collection helper. I had Jia cut it into a moon shape. I thought a heart might be a bit presumptuous.

This time, Ho Sung was sleeping a little too close to the gem-cutting machine to be protected from the noise.

He didn’t stay angry for long. I guess that’s to be expected, after all those years of meditation. The family enjoyed a nice breakfast together—on the porch, because Lin’s dream had left her temporarily in love with the outdoors.

Since Jia was feeling so family-orientated, I imagined she might like to spend some time with the extended family. Her dads took her to see Carter’s cousin Thomas and his wife Yanna, both elders now.

Thomas and Yanna have two sons: Manchu, and also his little brother Bai.

On the other side of the family, there’s Ho Sung’s sister Sun Young (now dating Carter’s old friend Jeramy), Sun Young’s daughter Nuwa, and Nuwa’s two children Jee Young and Yi Quan. Ho Sung invited them over lunch, and, of course, a little dance party.

Jia danced with Nuwa for a while, before heading off to find Gang. Her traits had switched back by this time, but she still wanted to give him that Jade.

The attraction between them was still strong.

Gang loved the gift.

He couldn’t stay and talk for long. He works nights as a ghost hunter, and it was time for his shift,  but he seemed pleased by how things had gone with Jia.

Gang and his sister live together, so Jia was able to spend the rest of the evening with her friend.

Back at home, the dance party had taken a tragic turn with the death of Ho Sung’s elderly sister.

It took the other sims a while to notice. Sun Young’s daughter was the last to see. Her mum’s ghost just sort of floated there waiting while Nuwa danced on.

But when Grim appeared, Nuwa finally realized what was happening.

Everyone left after that, saying what great fun they’d had and that Ho Sung sure knows how to throw a party…

…everyone, that is, except Nuwa’s daughter Jee Young, who started to dance again.

3 thoughts on “Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 26

  1. I hope Lin doesn’t have trouble aging up again on her next birthday!

    Mixology is such a grind! My Sims still drop glasses up until level 9, which is also when their drinks finally stop being stinky. :/

    I love how organic the story feels! Reminds me of a slice of life anime, if that makes sense.

    I love that Jia wanted to give Gang a gift! Get it, Jia!

    LOL, Jee Young. The party must go on?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Urgh, me too! Such a pain. Oh well, better than crashes at least.

      Wow, stinky drinks up to level 9! It does take a while to get going. Have you tried using fresh fruits in the drinks? I wonder how much of a difference that makes. I’ve never tried that out, and obviously didn’t get a chance this generation, with gardening off the table. I do still really like mixology, despite the grind. The drinks have such useful effects, and I love all the different designs the popular mixes have. I just don’t care for the moonlighting.

      Thanks so much for mentioning the slice of life anime! I hadn’t heard of the genre, but I looked it up, and it’s such a nice thing to hear because that’s exactly the feel I go for with all my updates. Just the mundane rhythm of life, with its little challenges and pleasures. It’s relaxing for me to write it like that.

      Yep, Jia knew what she wanted, lol! I’m glad Gang didn’t roll any awful traits on aging up. I think he’s still quite a good match for her. I remember you saying a few parts back you liked them together.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and for the lovely comments you leave. They always brighten my day. Happy simming 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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