Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 30

To celebrate the birth of our fifth generation heir, I decorated the nursery.

Baby Mei’s grandfather is wonderful with her, of course.

But he’s also been spending a bit of time out of the house, teaching martial arts at the academy. 

He made a new friend too, local singer Xiabo, who shares his ‘good’ trait and his interest in martial arts. Here they are out for tea together at Jessa’s Hot Springs makeover.

I’ve been having fun playing through the early stages of the ghost hunter profession with Gang.

None of the households in Shang Simla have any expensive electronics or cars, so I think it might take him quite a while to get to 50,000 simoleons in stolen goods.

A couple of times the children of his clients ask him to stay and read them a bedtime story, after the ghosts have been seen off.

I bought him a windcarver, to get him from job to job.

And since he’s childish,  I thought he might appreciate having a holo disc to play with. 

Jia finally completed her space rock collection. 

I was glad to have that out of the way, because her home life was about to get busier: she and Gang were expecting another baby!

Gang was delighted by the news, but he seemed a little nervous too. He spent the whole pregnancy rolling wish after wish to read the same two baby books over and over again. 

Ho Sung was thrilled to hear he had another grandchild on the way.

He told his students at the academy how blessed he’s been by his family.  

But that evening, at Mei’s birthday party, the Grim Reaper came to claim Ho Sung’s spirit. 

Gang, who seemed to take the loss even harder than Jia, immediately rolled a wish to resurrect his father-in-law.

I don’t tend to fulfill those sorts of wishes—certainly not when we have no way to make ambrosia, or even a science lab for the opportunity. Anyway, at 120 days old, I feel like Ho Sung had a good run. 

Mei was due to age up at any moment, so I had to go ahead with the birthday party, but it a pretty sad affair. 

Mei aged up with blue eyes, like her granddad Carter. 

I bought a blender and high chair so that Jia could mash up some synthesized risotto for her.

To my disappointment, there was no moodlet, even though the food was perfect quality and her favourite.  

Jia and Ho Sung took it in turns to read their daughter stories from the Jimmy Sprocket books. 

The skill books are off limits again, along with the peg box and xylophone, but Mei loves her spring rider, toy chest, and doll house.

A look of overwhelming love…or unspeakable fear? Probably both. That’s basically being a parent, right?

Although things were hectic with a toddler in the house and a baby on the way, Ho Sung was not forgotten. The family laid him to rest beside his husband. 

Jia went to visit her sister Lin, who hadn’t been able to make the party, and so wasn’t there when Ho Sung passed away. 

That night, Jia went into labour. Instead of the usual panicked dad dance, Gang decided to make his hands talk to one another. 

The baby was a boy. He rolled brave and slob. By a nice little coincidence, his favourite meal is another vegetarian one: spaghetti with veggie sauce. I’ve named him Zhen Yuan-Kim. 

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