Building Moonlight Falls, Part 1: Settling In

Benjamin Adelson is just out of high school, and excited to start his new job as a test subject at the Moonlight Falls Science Centre.

The centre itself is a collection of brick buildings, with dark and outdated decor but the best technology that money could buy. There is a small canteen for workers, and areas for them to research, experiment, and relax.

There is hardly anything else about for miles. All of Ben’s co-workers commute in from the surrounding towns.

But Ben wants to stay as close to the lab as possible, to keep an eye on his experiments. He has built himself a little house, just ten minutes walk away.

As soon as he has unpacked, he goes out to explore the area. He finds a tomato plant and a fishing pond. He catches a tiny minnow.

That evening, he plants one of the tomatoes in his front garden.

Ben fixes himself some mac and cheese for dinner. He’d rather be eating his favourite, lobster thermador, but for now this is all he knows how to cook.

The next morning, he leaves early for work. He is determined to be the perfect employee and it certainly wouldn’t do to be late on his first day.

14 thoughts on “Building Moonlight Falls, Part 1: Settling In

    • Thank you! Yes, I’ve been away for a little longer than intended, with the Christmas break, a nasty winter bug, and some dental work. But I’m back now, and I have a double Snordwich update lined up for later in the week. Hope you’re settling nicely into the new year 🙂 Happy simming xx

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  1. This looks like ti will be lots of fun, sorry I haven’t been commenting on some of the play throughs, I just got suuuuuper behind. I really like the science lab you built and his house is really cool. I also agree he is very handsome, I really like the glasses and his nose. Your sims are always lovely.

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    • Hi Tora! I do hope it will be fun 🙂 I’ve got the first nine parts written already! I’ll be releasing them one or two a week probably, in between other stuff.
      Oh, please no worries about not commenting. It’s always lovely to hear your thoughts, but I don’t want it to become a stressful thing for you, feeling like you have to catch up.


    • Yes, I began with it totally empty, so anything I want to use needs built. I’ve mapped out exactly where I’d put all of the community lots (or whichever ones of them I get to!), and I’m feeling pleased with how I’ve divided up the areas. I’ll be adding the builds quite slowly, just as I play with Ben and his descendants and move new sims into the town. I’m excited for this one! 🙂


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