Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 31

Jia and Gang were married in the same garden pavilion as her dads.

They followed the ceremony up with a small family meal at the house. 

The baby mat allowed Zhen to come out of his nursery for the party. 

Jia’s sister Lin wasn’t able to make it. I’ve often have problems getting her to show up for parties, actually; she tends to get stuck on her way over. 

Zhen aged up the following day. Now he was big enough to play with his sister Mei. 

I’d been too busy with birthdays and weddings for a while to try spend much time trying out different dreams with Jia and Gang. When I managed to get to it, Jia rolled to ‘dream about sleeping with the fishes’. Gang’s was ‘dream about laughter’.

Jia’s dream went well, and she woke up to find five fish in her inventory. I’ll save them for Mei to perform science experiments on.

Gang got the normal outcome for his ‘laughter’ dream, which is meant to be the childish trait. He already has that one, though. 

After the kids had been put to bed for the night, Jia popped out to find some more gems to cut and sell.

That night, she and Gang dreamed of riches riches and travel. She earned the family 250 simoleons; he got some Chinese visa points. 

Then it was time for another birthday, Mei’s this time.

She aged up into a child with the traits ‘loves the outdoors’, ‘insane’, and ‘angler’.

For once, Lin was able to make it.

Lin and Dara are married now. Lin’s a writer and Dara’s a photographer. In their spare time, they enjoy making music together. They played a duet for the party guests. 

Mei got to know two of the children at the party: Shui Hong (in the pink), and Jeramy’s grandson Lan Newbie-Su (in the blue).

She didn’t seem to have much in common with either of them, although it can be difficult to tell with the limited social interactions available to children. She went to play with her little brother instead.

I’m looking forward to exploring the fishing skill with Mei. I haven’t loved any of the ones Jia rolled, and Carter’s got a bit repetitive after a while, but this coming generation should be more fun. Mei’s going to catch as many types of fish as she can, of the highest possible quality. And she’ll eventually be able to clone them with her science skill too! I’m not sure yet how DJing will fit in, but I’ll figure something out.

Anway, high quality fish starts with high quality bait. Since we can’t do any gardening, I added the Humble Harvest Stand to the marketplace. This object tends to provide higher quality fruits and vegetables than the grocery store or food register. I was delighted to discover that Mei could use it herself, without any adult help. 

Looking through all the lists of Chinese spawners, I noted down the two fish that can be captured at skill level zero: the goldfish, baited by lettuce; and the doitsu koi, baited by pomolos. 

From the harvest stand, Mei was able to purchase ten excellent-quality pomolos. It didn’t have any lettuce for sale that day, so her mum had to step in to buy some from the food merchant. 

There are fishing spots all along the big river that flows past the town centre. I chose the first one I found that looked like it had some goldfish, and sent Mei off to fish.

This quiet time spent fishing might have provided the perfect opportunity for Mei to tune into a tabcast to raise her science skill, but I think that would just make everything go too quickly. It’s difficult to pay proper attention to all the options when you’re suddenly level ten scientist without any of the work. Instead, she sang a little tune to herself.

I was surprised by how fast she was able to build the skill. It must be her angler trait. 

At level one, the ‘inspect water’ interaction became available. There were indeed goldfish in the location I’d selected, but Mei hadn’t caught any yet. The popup labeled the activity level ‘decent’ and advised that I look for somewhere with jumping fish for better results. I had no idea there were different activity levels! I used to think that a spot either had fish or not.

I found a better patch of water further up the river. It had a high level of fish activity, and both goldfish and doitsu koi. I think I saw some kawarimono koi and red herring in there too.

Almost immediately, Mei caught her first fish, an excellent-quality 15.85kg doitsu koi. We should get this mounted to keep as a memento. 

Next she tried the lettuce and got a goldfish.

She spent the rest of the day fishing, reaching level four by the evening. At level three, she unlocked more fish types to catch, including the red herring, kawarimono koi. She seemed to be having a good time by the river, so decided just to wait until the next day to pick up the links and plums favoured by these fish. 

Mei’s dad was out on a job when she got back home, but her mum had some exciting news for her: she would soon have another brother or sister!

After hugging Zhen goodnight and wolfing down a plate of synthesized risotto, Mei was put to bed with a story about catching koi. 

7 thoughts on “Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 31

  1. Lin and Dara are so cute with their duet! Also, a writer and photographer sounds like a great combo.

    I didn’t know there was a difference between regular fish spots and jumping fish spots, either. Then again, I never use the inspect fish interaction anyway. Fishing is one of those skills that I never bothered to learn these things about. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like them too! They’ll definitely be coming with us when we move the core households over to Twinbrook for the next generation.
      It was a total surprise to me about the different activity levels. Funny that. Still so much to discover! Do you not enjoy fishing that much then, or just not worry about the mechanics?
      Thanks for stopping by. Always lovely to hear from you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m excited to hear the next world is twinbrook! I love that one.
        Not that I don’t like it, I’ve just never had a reason to explore it that in depth. But I believe I’ll be attempting to make ambrosia soon and I need to learn these things!

        Liked by 2 people

      • Yes a few more parts I think then on to Twinbrook. It just might have to go on hold for a bit, while I build the next house etc. I should probably complete and upload my half-finished Shang Simla builds too.
        Ooh, good luck with the ambrosia 🙂 I hope your sim isn’t scared of the graveyard!

        Liked by 1 person

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