Building Moonlight Falls, Part 6: Expanding

The lab agrees to extend Ben and Rachel’s family leave by a few more days. With two little ones in the house, time flies by.

Ben and Ronen both have birthdays.

Rachel gives herself a haircut.

The boys get along well. They like to play together at their activity table.

Ronen still loves his xylophone. When Snowflake Day arrives, his parents buy him a little drum kit. Joseph gets a teddy bear.

There’s no snow this year; in fact, it’s quite warm. They all spend the afternoon down by the coast. It’s nice for everyone to get out of the house.

That night in bed, Ben and Rachel talk about their plans for the future. Ben has enjoyed being at home with the family, but he can’t deny he misses his research. Rachel feels less conflicted. She’s not interested in going back to work right now: the only place she really wants to be is with her boys.

They arrive at a solution that makes them both happy. Ben will return to work at the lab, but won’t hang around after his shift so much as he used to. He has Wednesdays and weekends off anyway, so he’ll only be out four mornings a week. Rachel will look after the kids while he’s away. When Ronen and Joseph are a little older, she’ll start home schooling them.

She knows it will be hard work but she feels ready for it. And maybe with the lab job off her schedule she’ll also be able to find a bit of time to learn some new recipes and properly search the neighbourhood for seeds and collectables. She’s pretty sure the family won’t miss her technician’s salary, not with Ben getting promotions at the rate he tends to.

She’d like to have another baby, too, while she’s still able. She always wanted a big family. Ben likes the sound of that as well.

Their plans for a third child mean moving sooner than they intended. There’s simply not enough space in their little bungalow for a family of five. With 25k in the bank and another 25 tied up in their current place, they can’t afford to build their dream home from scratchโ€”that will have to wait until the next move. But, as luck would have it, the Science Centre has a disused warehouse they are looking to sell, not far from the main site.

Ben and Rachel snap it up as a bargain price and set about converting it. The family certainly won’t feel cramped living here: they can’t even afford enough furniture to fill the place.

They focus on what matters first: after the essential furnishings, a schoolroom for the kids, and a place for the plants to grow in cold weather.

Ronen celebrates his birthday the day they move in.

He and Joseph play happily together.

Ben has only been back at the lab for one day when he is promoted again. His bosses must really have missed him. His hours are even shorter now, from 9am to 1.30pm, just three days a week. He still can’t quite resist taking some work home, but he knows when it’s time to put it away to be with Rachel and the boys.

Rachel doesn’t lack for things to do. She plays dominoes with Ronen and teaches Joseph to walk and talk.

When there’s a long enough break in the spring rain showers, she takes them out exploring.

A wild horse lets Ronen feed her a carrot.

Rachel finds a rare seed, which she later identifies as a life fruit.

The family is quite happy in their new home. And soon there will be a new member to welcome.

13 thoughts on “Building Moonlight Falls, Part 6: Expanding

    • Glad you like it! That was a midlife crisis wish. I guess now the kids won’t have a pony tail to pull at.
      Yes, she’s keen for another already! And she is indeed family-orientated. There are no sitters to call or schools in town so it will be quite a lot of work.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The new house is lovely, i love the little classroom and the gardening space. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Do you have a mod for home schooling? i’ve never played without a school in the world so curious as to what happens. I kept meaning to ask this but is Rachel a werewolf?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I need to landscape it now but it’s just in the middle of a big flat lot and I have no idea how to lay the gardens out.

      Yes, I use Nraas Careers, I should have mentioned.
      I don’t enjoy the home schooling too much, as I prefer the routine and the connection to the community that having an actual school provides, but it hasn’t been too bad this generation as the kids have had one another for company.

      Yes, she is a werewolf, as are Ronen and Joseph. I haven’t done much with that yet though, and I’m not sure if I will. It’s not a life state I enjoy too much, except for heavily supernatural-focused households. I’m thinking that if any of them gets so stressed that the ‘family curse’ kicks in, then I’ll share pictures of that and show them dealing with it, but otherwise not. I prefer the idea of it being something they can’t control I think, and since I’m playing with the lunar cycle static stress is really the only thing that would force transformation.


      • Ah interesting, wasn’t sure if it was for story telling purposes or if there was a literal home school mod, Thats very interesting. May have to try it some time. i cant wait to see the landscaping, your’s gardens always turn out so lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Ah okay ya its not the most fun life state, just her eyes have a sort of ethereal look to them but not quite vampire like. So figured she was a werewolf. I actually haven’t spent much time in moonlight falls supernatural came out around the same time I really started to play in player made worlds heavily.

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      • Good catch with the eyes!

        I love Moonlight Falls. It’s the kind of place I’d like to live myself, long-term. We just don’t get landscapes that dramatic here in England really.

        Would be interested to hear how you find the home schooling if you give it a go. There are no skill targets or extra interactions or anything like that, just a bit of homework to do every day.

        So nice of you to say about my gardens! I really struggle with them, especially when there is just a big open blank slate for me to fill out–I have no idea where to start!


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