Lakeside Retreat

This 1.5 bedroom craftsman would be ideal for a retired couple looking for a peaceful place to unwind. If necessary, the study could be converted into a further half bedroom.

When the lot is placed at 204 Lakeside Drive in Moonlight Falls, trees and shrubs help shield the back patio from the road, while large south-west to south-east facing windows let the sunshine in and open up onto views of the woods and lake.


14 thoughts on “Lakeside Retreat

  1. Wow how beautiful, i love the layout and that opening looking out from the dining room. As usual the kitchen is beautiful and realistic. I just love the aged brown trim with the white paneling. πŸ™‚

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    • Oh thanks so much! I agonized over the layout for ages and just sort of had to smush everything I wanted in, in the end, so it’s not ideal, but it means so much that you like it! Pleased you like the kitchen too. I think kitchens are my favourite rooms to do…I love cooking, so for me it’s the heart of the home. Do you have a favourite type of room to decorate?


  2. I love to cook too. Kitchens are my favorite as well, I really love making them look cluttered and lived in and thinking of different layouts for them. I have been enjoying office spaces a lot ever since I downloaded some office oriented clutter like printers, pencils, storage bins, post cards, etc.

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