Building Moonlight Falls, Part 11: Future Lounge

At work, Peijing settles into Nicholas’ old role.

To support a growing workforce increasingly choosing to live nearby, the Science Centre board of directors decides to finance a proper grocery store and diner.

Rachel starts to sell her life fruits there.

There are changes in the family too. Ira has a birthday; Ronen graduates from Le Fromage.

Ira and Elior are asleep when Ronen arrives, but in the morning they are delighted to welcome him home.

Their parents throw a party to celebrate his return.

Among the guests is Peijing’s daughter Meilin, recently returned from boarding school herself. She is an ambitious young woman, with plans to open a bar nearby. She would fill it with all the latest gadgets, she says, to appeal to the Science Centre workers. Ben thinks this is a great idea.

Ronen has been thinking about the future too. He’d like to keep working on his guitar and bass, while his Sci-Fi novels provide him with a steady income.

When Dorothy returns from Smuggsworth, Ronen goes to see her.

They get drinks at the new diner then sit outside to chat. Dorothy plans to take a job at the Science Centre with her mum. The pay is generous, the hours are short, and she hopes that maybe she’ll be able to do some good while she’s there.

At the weekend, Ben, Rachel, Ronen, Ira and Elior take rowing boats out into the ocean shallows.

Ira is happy to spend some time on the water.

Ben and Rachel do a spot of fishing.

On Monday morning, Ira leaves for his preferred boarding school, Dribbledine Sports Academy.

Soon it is Elior’s turn to age up and head off. His choice is Le Fromage Art School.

Not long after they have left, Jo comes back home.

He happens to return on the opening night of Meilin’s Future Lounge.

Ben, Rachel, Ronen, Jo and Dorothy all go along to check the place out. Peijing teaches Rachel how play one of the games.

She’s proud of everything her daughter has achieved in such a short timeโ€”winning over investors, finding a suitable building, drawing up the plans, perfecting the technology. Peijing gave her what help she could with the science side of things, but most of what they see has been Meilin’s doing.

The proprietor herself is onstage, playing one of the Laser Rhythm-a-cons like a pro.

Ronen, Jo and Dorothy take a seat to watch.

Ronen is mesmerized.

After her first set, Meilin takes a break to show them how the drinks machines work.

Ronen tells her how much he enjoyed her playing.

He asks whether she’d like to come round to jam with him some time. Meilin says she’d love to.

While his brother is getting to know Meilin, Jo catches up with Dorothy.

Dorothy asks about the School of Peace and Love; that would have been her first choice, if she’d been allowed one. Though Smuggsworth turned out to be okay in the end, she’s pleased that the three of them are now back home together.

14 thoughts on “Building Moonlight Falls, Part 11: Future Lounge

  1. Love watching this world expand. Thats by far one of my favorite rabbitholes, from ea, just such a nice look. Must be nice for the sims to have a proper place to purchase groceries and a place to sell produce. Love the bar you built its so cool looking with all the high tech things in it, Love the idea of a bar that’s designed to appeal to scientists.. Is that something you will be uploading? I love the pictures of them all fishing as a family, you take the best pictures. I just love the way Elior is turning out, i have a soft spot for aliens in sims 3.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! It’s a big project, and I’m taking it quite slow.

      It is a nice rabbit hole. I’m a bit nervous about how opportunities will work, since it’s a combined one but I don’t think there are any really important ones you get from the diner or grocery store. (The omni plants one is from the bistro I think?) I’ve been using this excellent compendium to help me decide which rabbit hole shells to use:

      So glad you like the bar so far; thank you. Yes, I think I like this one enough to upload. Only thing I want to add is a food option, maybe using food synthesizers and waiters. It’s just a shame that the waiters won’t be plumbots outside of Oasis Landing…unless maybe I can use Nraas Register to make that happen…I’ll have to look into it.

      Thanks so much for your kinds words about my pictures; in fact, for all your lovely comments today.

      I like Aliens too. Now you’ve got me thinking about them, I want to make an all-alien world! It could be fun to think about how their society might work and set it all up.


  2. Ive wanted an all alien world as well, I wanted to completely revamp lunar lakes or Bellatrix from rflong and populate it with aliens and other supernatural life states that ive given other skin tones and certain facial characteristics to create various alien races. Like I had this idea for a feral alien race that lives in a forest like area that have werewolf as a base for them. Its such a huge project I just never took it very far.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh wow that sounds amazing!! I bet you could do some great builds for something like that too. More fantastical architecture is hard for me, as I rely a lot on inspiration pictures, but you always do such a great job with that kind of thing. I love the idea of the feral race, using the werewolf occult! I wonder how they would be regarded by the other aliens.


      • Ah yes there is that. If you’re worried about the lag in Isla Paradiso itself, that definitely is a problem, but can be reduced a bit by replacing the world files with ellacharmed’s fixed ones:

        The boat routing in other worlds I mentioned above has been the only other IP-related source of lag for me, so far as I can tell. Nraas Go Here can be used to turn of boat routing in worlds where it causes problems, but I find that doesn’t work completely, because sims will sometimes still get into a boat, then be told by Go Here that they can’t use it, then get stuck and have to be reset.

        My sense, though, is that Seasons (with weather on) and Pets are bigger sources of lag, so Island Paradise might not be so bad as you think.

        Liked by 1 person

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