Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 34

The next day was Qui’s birthday. She rolled the over-emotional trait and made some new friends.

(The girl with bunches in the picture above is Meilin Su, whom you may know from my Building Moonlight Falls legacy. Meilin and her mum Peijing weren’t among the sims I chose to carry over with me from Shang Simla to Twinbrook, so I pinched them for Moonlight Falls instead.)

That afternoon, Mei and Zhen took their sister on her first fishing trip.

With a few days until the next family birthday, Mei had the time to make it to level nine of her fishing skill. She can now catch dragon fish.

That was the last of the China-specific fish Mei had to collect. Shang Simla is a beautiful world, but after a couple of generations I feel more than ready so move on to a nice clean new save in Twinbrook. Firs, though, I fancied one more quick trip to Al Simhara.

I sent just Mei and Jia. After picking up the necessary bait from the harvest stand, they left Gang at home with Zhen and Qui, and headed off on their adventure.

Mei managed to catch some interesting fish. She started with the Siamese and alley catfish.

These are both base game fish, not exclusive to Al Simhara, but I haven’t been able to find any in Shang Simla. The alley variety are an important link in the alley catfish>>angelfish>>deathfish chain, and Siamese catfish can be used to bait (miniature?) crocodiles here in Egypt.

Jia, meanwhile, bought a ‘tear of horus’ from the special merchant to help her locate dig sites.

Mother and daughter met up again in the evening to make camp. Mei toasted some food from her inventory, but I was a little disappointed to see that she couldn’t choose what to toast, and also that there seemed to be no associated moodlet.

The next day, Mei made a start on the frogs.

She picked up some toads along the way too.

Finally, I had her go after the mummy fish.

These are more valuable even than deathfish. To catch one, you won’t need any other fish, just some pomegranates, which you can buy in Egypt and (if you’re not playing with skills restrictions like mine) grow to perfect quality in your garden. The design is pretty great too—look at those bandages!

For me, however, the prize for coolest (or at least weirdest) looking fish has to go to the deathfish itself. Back home in Shang Simla, Mei was able to use her alley catfish to get better quality angelfish, and then some deathfish.

Look at this thing.

Noticing vampire fish swimming in the same pond, I had Mei purchase some garlic form the harvest stand and catch some of those too.

It didn’t take too long to get perfect specimens of both, thereby completing Mei’s ‘perfect aquarium’ lifetime wish.

The deathfish has a little grave in its bowl!

Finally, I had Mei send examples of the three rarest breeds she’d caught so far off to be mounted. We’ll definitely be keeping these through the generations.

7 thoughts on “Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 34

    • I agree they’re such fun designs! The crocs are pretty great too, though they are so teeny!

      Yes, Twinbrook is next. I remember you saying you liked that world a few parts back, so I am looking forward to sharing my game play there with you 🙂
      I just have a lot of building to do first! It’s bad timing, with my Moonlight Falls starting a new generation at the same time too. Oh, and now I’ve gone and messed up my shoulder so I have to lay off the intensive mouse work for a couple of weeks. Luckily I have a couple of Snordwich updates to keep the blog going in the mean time!

      Happy simming 🙂

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