Building Moonlight Falls, Part 13: Moving Out

Ronen is ready to move out, to live with his girlfriend Meilin.

His parents have given him his share of the inheritance, 75,000 simoleons, which the couple have used to buy out some of the investors in Meilin’s lounge. For now they’ll be staying with Meilin’s mum.

Ira and Elior are making plans to move out too.  They’ve pooled their resources to have a log cabin built on the other side of the river.

While they wait for it be ready, their dad has a birthday.

But he is still as committed to his work as ever. He’s even had a science research station installed in the house.

The cloning techniques he’s developed will give him another source of lobsters for his favourite meal.

Jo has his own research to conduct on the machine, when his dad’s not using it.

He’s been rising through the ranks of the science career just as quickly as Ben did, and is already a Genetic Resequencer. He loves the work itself, as well as getting to spend time with his lab tech and good friend Dorothy.

Jo and Dorothy often hang out after work too. One rainy afternoon, she makes a move on him.

They sit down on the sofa to talk through their feelings for one another.

It doesn’t take them long.

Ben and Rachel are happy to hear that the two of them have finally gotten together.

Jo wishes he got along so well with Dorothy’s parents as she does with his. Her mum is always trying to cast spells on him.

Ira and Elior’s new home is ready in time for Snow Day. The family opens their presents at Mum and Dad’s, before heading over there for lunch.

Jo plays a racing game with Ira and Meilin.

All the guests have brought a plate of something, so there is plenty to pick at while the lunch cooks.

The main event, though, is the Snow Day turkey.

In the evening, Jo spends some time alone with Dorothy.

He gives her a flame fruit from the family garden.

She invites him to spend the night.

9 thoughts on “Building Moonlight Falls, Part 13: Moving Out

  1. Lol at the look on Jo’s face when Dorthy’s mother is casting a spell on him. I really wish they had not made the love spells something sims could do on their own, they are super annoying. Loving watching this family grow. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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