Seaview Cabin (Unfurnished)

This clifftop cabin was built for 120 Wright Way, one of the two sloped lots in Sunset Valley, which provides a +15 Beautiful Vista moodlet and sweeping views of the bay. However, since the house sits on stilts at the back, and no CFE was used in its construction, it should be fairly easy to adapt to a flat lot if that location doesn’t suit you.

The house’s two-story floor plan allows for up to six bedrooms: a 5×4 and 4×4 downstairs (both with built-in closets), and four slightly larger rooms upstairs. When the weather is nice, sims can enjoy the small south-west-facing garden or catch the morning sun on the terrace. Inside, the main living areas are a 11×4 screened porch with a full sea view, a 5×12 firelit great room, and a 5×4 pre-fitted kitchen (complete with Five-Star Chef fridge). Three full bathrooms—one downstairs and two upstairs—have also been fitted for you.

All sinks and showers are self-cleaning, and should also be unbreakable because they have all been repaired by a ‘Plumber’ sim. (Do let me know if this doesn’t turn out to be the case in your game.) Additionally, the stove and shower have been scientifically improved to provide small mood boosts to sims who interact with them, and I have placed Master Floor Hygienators across the front and side entrances and under the stairs.


4 thoughts on “Seaview Cabin (Unfurnished)

    • Hi Panda. So sorry but I’ve had some technical issues with the images in my older posts. I’ve fixed the posts for most of my builds, but the stories would be a much project that unfortunately I just don’t have the time for right now, so I’ve taken them all down. I hope this isn’t too disappointing. I really flattered that you enjoyed the medieval stuff and wanted to read it again. All the best, GCxx


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