Snordwich Chronicles, XLIV: Family Ties

Hilith Grancourt is back home, her education at the convent complete. She and her mother sew and read together; when the weather is fair, they swim in the lake.

They used to come here when she and Thomas were little, her mother tells her. Hilith does not remember it, though the deep feeling of calm the water brings her does seem strangely familiar.

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Snordwich Chronicles, XLII: Mourning Clothes

The villagers are on the green when the news comes. It is the first of summer, but there will be no dancing today. Tephna, shaken by what she has seen, cries on Jaclyn’s shoulder.

Gradually, they disperse to houses about town. The baker and his family go with Henry and Beatrice to their home. Beatrice gives Tephna a cup of spiced wine and puts her to bed.

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Moving House!

Apologies for the lack of updates. My boyfriend and I recently moved house, and I’ve been busy every day ordering and assembling furniture. When I have a project like this I tend to zero in on it and it’s difficult for me to focus on anything else relax until it’s done.

I had hoped to have another Snordwich update for you before it all kicked off but I was just a bit too slow. I have all the pictures taken—a week with the Yates family covering Lady Snordwich’s funeral—but they’re on my desktop, which I haven’t been able to set up yet. After this Monday there’s nothing more to do with the house until the next round of deliveries arrives, so I hope to be able to get to it some time in the week.

Anyway, things are winding down and over the last few days I’ve become a bit more human and have been enjoying reading your comments and updates once more. As usual, I would especially recommend Mastress Alita’s charming Cat Chronicles, which always lifts me up when I’m feeling overwhelmed. And of course happy simming to you all xxx