The Sakharov Family

Caladia loves to spend time outdoors in the sunshine. She and husband Dmitry are having such a lovely time on vacation in their summer home in Barnacle Bay that they’re thinking about moving there for good. When Caladia ages up, her eyes may revert to the default plantsim yellow. If you’d like to take her into CAS to fix it, the RBG code for the eye colour I have given her is 41,49,41.

Dmitry Yakovlevich (Dima to his wife and friends) comes from a prestigious line of Russian nectar-makers. The family fortune, and the large sum added to it by his own nectar, have allowed him to enjoy an early retirement. Now on vacation with his family, he keeps himself busy cooking, funding various charities, and indulging in the odd glass of nectar from his substantial private collection.

Caladia and Dmitry’s son Vitya is really enjoying exploring Barnacle Bay, but he hopes the family won’t settle there for too long. As a budding painter and adventurer, he’s keen to visit as many different places as possible, to learn about their culture and architecture, commit their landscapes to canvas, and discover their hidden secrets. The RGB code for Vitya’s eye colour is 96,107,112.

Unlike her big brother, Vitya’s sister Anna is content to stay where she is, at least for now. She adores Barnacle Bay’s sandy beaches and sparkling sea, and the outdoorsy lifestyle its residents enjoy. When she is old enough, she looks forward to taking martial arts classes at the local activity center. The RGB code for Anna’s eye colour is 125,131,92.

This is the family’s summer home, located at 428 Tidal Terrace.


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The Kaimana Household

After years of running a successful medieval-themed resort in Dragon Valley, Isla Paradiso-born Mahina and Kamani began to miss the sandy beaches and laid-back coastal vibe they’d loved as kids. But, rather than return to their original town, they decided to try somewhere new. When Kamani’s little sister Kina called to tell him all about the wonderful time she was having in her new home of Barnacle Bay, they knew they’d found the place.

Mahina couldn’t be happier. She loves spending time outdoors, harvesting tasty produce from the community garden right next to their new home, swimming in the sea, and meeting new people. The sale of the resort brought in a tidy sum, and money’s certainly not tight, but Mahina still likes to keep herself busy by painting and selling her creations to local galleries.

Kamani’s also having a great time. The food at the Dragon Valley resort had become world-renowned thanks to his culinary expertise, and he had no trouble landing the top position at one of Barnacle Bay’s five-star restaurants. In his spare time, he likes to go for walks with his family or head down to the local art center to work on his sculpting.

Mahina and Kamani’s son Akoni is very excited about his new home too. He saw a boat out on the sea one day and has decided he wants to be a sailor when he grows up.

Shortly after the move, the family has adopted a beautiful golden retriever called Nani. Kamani always wanted a dog, but his seven day work week in at the resort Dragon Valley meant he never had the time before. Nani is playful, loyal, and well-behaved. She enjoys swimming and hunting. All credit for Nani’s appearance goes to LittleV, who kindly gave me permission to include her pets with my households.  Here is the link to the original dog of hers I used if you don’t plan to download this family but would still like a CAS version of her.  

Mahina, Kamani, Akoni, and Nani live at 436 Tidal Terrace in a house called Tidal Retreat.


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Farmers’ Market

This country market, located at 432 Tidal Terrace, specializes in fresh fruit and veg, nectar, meat, fish, dairy, baked goods, tea and coffee. For sims who prefer to get their hands dirty, there’s also a pick-your-own area at the back of the lot. Everything is perfect quality.

With the exception of the bakery, nectar, and coffee stands, the registers and produce displays are all decorative. However, if you look in the World Adventures chests located beside most of the stands, you will find perfect quality produce ready for your sims to take home – including items such as tofu and links that are not normally available in the higher qualities. Simply open the chest and click on the stack of produce you want to add to your sim’s inventory. I would avoid using the ‘take all’ option, because some of the chests have a huge amount of stuff in them, and having all those objects in your sim’s inventory may significantly slow down your game.

Fruit and vegetable stands.

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The Lobos-McDermott Household

Maximus and Travis‘ mum Ginny passed away years ago. Their dad Luke now lives with his second wife Sabina and their two children. He used to work full time as a farmer, but now has effectively retired, keeping only a small kitchen garden in which he grows ingredients for the family’s favourite meals. He doesn’t like art or fancy furniture, and prefers to keep a simple, though perfectly well-ordered, home. Nothing is more important to Luke than his family, but he’s finding this second round of parenthood more trying than the first, as he struggles to understand his daughter’s avant-garde pursuits and to justify his love of Tri-Tip steak to his vegetarian son. Still, the whole family loves to spend time outdoors, so they are usually able to bond with one another over a morning tending the garden or a quiet afternoon on the porch. Luke is based on Luke McDermott from Riverview. 

Sabina and Luke share a love of family,  adrenaline rushes, and the great outdoors. She was once a key player in Frank and Rhoda Bagley-Hernandez‘s evil empire, but gave that all up for the safety of her family the day she became pregnant with her eldest child. Now she lives a peaceful life with Luke and the kids, working as a professional author, going for long walks in the fields, and helping her husband with the garden. But after so many years, is this idyllic existence really enough to keep Sabina entertained?

Luke and Sabina’s daughter Griselda is a talented young woman, with interests in street art, photography, writing, painting, gardening, and chess. She is shy around strangers but, after her initial discomfort, quick to make friends.

Griselda’s little brother Oscar loves spending time outdoors, particularly if sports are involved. He is a strict vegetarian and can’t wait until he is old enough to help out with the garden.

The family home is Hillview House, located at 441 Tidal Terrace, right next door to Travis and his family. Despite Luke and Sabina’s wealth, the house is modestly sized, unpretentiously decorated, and topped by a simple dutch gable roof with dormers. Nonetheless, with its wrap around porch, large windows, and carefully planned layout, it does take full advantage of the site’s natural beauty, providing lovely views of the sparkling sea, rolling hills, and setting sun.


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The Fleet-McDermott Family

Travis‘ elder brother Maximus makes his living as a fisherman. He enjoys his work, and adores his wife Fiona and their daughter Alannah. But he has been through a lot of tragedy to get where he is today. Maximus was married once before, but his husband Ramon was taken from him by a freak meteor shower, leaving Maximus to raise their two sons, Korey and Alasdair (with a good deal of help from their granddad). Maximus’ heart was broken, but time, and the strength his boys and father gave him, helped heal the wound. Years have passed since then: Korey and Alasdair have grown into men;  Maximus is now approaching his elder years, has seen his fishing business flourish, and has found new love with Fiona. He will always treasure Ramon’s memory, but also feels lucky to have been given a second chance at growing old with someone. Maximus is based on Maximus McDermott from Riverview.


Fiona moved from Bridegport to Barnacle Bay to find a quiet place to pursue her writing career. All her hard work has paid off and now she’s a prize winning children’s author and illustrator. When she’s not writing or drawing, Fiona likes to play the guitar, help Maximus in the garden, and cook for the family. Fiona is based on Fiona Fleet from Barnacle Bay.

Alannah is constantly amazed by the beauty of the world around her. She loves to spend time outdoors fishing with her dad and uncle.

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The McDermott-O’Donnell Household

Travis McDermott-O’Donnell loves riding his unicorn Alia. Luckily for him, he and his family live at 437 Tidal Terrace, just across the road from the equestrian training grounds.  Travis grew up on his parents’ farm in Riverview, and, although he decided to pursue a career in education rather than taking over the family business, he still loves spending time outdoors, fishing and gardening. He has a bad temper and often wakes up feeling grumpy, but his wife or children can usually cheer him up by making him laugh. Travis is based on Travis McDermott from Riverview.

Travis’ wife Aoife is a caring, creative sim, who is always fun to be around. In her free time, she likes to practice her painting and photography,  or help her husband with the garden. Like Travis, she works at the local high school, which is where the couple first met and bonded over their shared sense of humour, outdoorsy hobbies, and love of children.

Travis and Aoife have two children together, twins Braden and Finola. They are both quite clumsy, even for toddlers, and often accidentally break their toys, but Finola never minds because she loves trying to put them back together. Braden enjoys spending time in the sunshine, so his parents have moved the activity table out onto the patio for him.

The family looks after two unicorns, Alia and her newborn foal Sorcha. Alia is strong, brave, and well-trained. She was once a wild unicorn, but she recognized Travis’ kind heart and love of nature, so allowed herself to be tamed by him. She spends a lot of time with Gareth Kramer-Rhodes’ horse Whiskey, who is Sorcha’s father. Like her mother, Sorcha is a natural-born racer, and likes to stay clean and groomed. She is very gentle-natured and sociable, and loves meeting new people. I did not create either of these unicorns. Alia’s features and traits were randomly generated by the game, and her beautiful coat was made by LittleV, who kindly gave me permission to include her pets with my households. Sorcha was born in-game and I have not edited her.

This is Cloverleaf Cottage, home to the McDermott-O’Donnell family.


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The Kramer-Rhodes Household

Morgana‘s parents Gareth and Meadow Kramer-Rhodes run a shelter for stray animals in their home at 27 Old Fisherman’s Pass. After many years of faithful service as town mayor, Gareth is ready to enjoy his retirement from political life. When he’s not looking after the abandoned animals he has taken in, he likes to ride his champion racehorse Whiskey, go cycling with his neighbour Ty, and cook up homemade preserves for his family to enjoy. If only his eldest daughter would visit more often, Gareth’s life would be perfect.


Gareth’s wife Meadow continues to support the family and their animal shelter through her gardening business. Meadow has always loved plants. As a child, she used to spend hours each day alone in the garden talking to them, which worried her dad but made her green-thumbed mum chuckle. When she reflects upon her life, Meadow feels very lucky to have been able to make a living out of something she loves so much. In the evenings, Meadow likes to play the piano or guitar, or relax with a book in her study. Meadow is based on Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes from Riverview.

Gareth and Meadow’s daughter Alison has a sweet temperament and big, trusting eyes. Liker her sister Morgana, she has inherited her grandma’s dark brown hair.

Whiskey, Selwin, Sarah, and Truman are Gareth and Meadow’s beloved pets. Whiskey has been with Gareth for several years, and together they have won many equestrian competitions, but the puppies are more recent additions to the family and the first beneficiaries of the shelter. All credit for these beautiful pets goes to LittleV, who kindly gave me permission to include her pets with my households. I just gave them names and traits, and added them to the household.  

Here is the family home, Safe Haven.

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