The Lobos-Brunner Family

Sabina‘s brother Donato is an aspiring politician. During his communications degree at university he developed a love of photography, which he likes to practice in his spare time. He met his wife Gillian when she was catering a fundraiser for him at city hall. In a classic meet cute, she spilled a tray of dips all over him, he made a joke of it, and they’ve been madly in love ever since.

Donato’s quiet, well-meaning wife Gillian loves to cook and appreciates a good joke.  She currently works at the seafood restaurant High Tide, but dreams one day of running her own five-star establishment.

Donato and Gillian’s son Samuel is a happy, friendly little boy. His favourite toy is his Sim Fu panda bear, which he always cuddles close to him as he sleeps in his cot.

This is the family home, Ladybug. Thanks to my friend Ciane for the lovely name!  Downstairs you’ll find a sitting room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom (with en suite), nursery (with en suite), and WC. A guest bedroom and further bathroom are located on the second floor.

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The Riggins-Fae Family

Mad scientist Tamsen grew up in a family of thoroughly right-brained sims: her actress sister Alicia, chef brother Garrick and art appraiser mum Bambi.  She was also the only one of her siblings not to inherit her mum’s magical powers, and used to envy their beautiful fairy wings. As she grew older, though, Tamsen began to discover her own talents for programming, photography, DIY, and chess. She even started to share her brother’s love of cooking, although her approach was always more methodical than his. In her garden, Tamsen grows egg plants to make her favourite meal, cookies. When she wants to relax, she enjoys sunbathing at the beach and throwing parties for her friends.

Tamsen lives at 51 Rock Pool Park, near to her work and next door to her colleague Athena. The house has an upside-down floor plan, with the main living spaces located on the top floor.

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The Hernandez-Grey Family

Star news reporter Annie and her older brother Franco were raised in Isla Paradiso by their mum Hailey, after their loving and devoted dad Cirino mysteriously disappeared. Annie and Hailey, both generous and good-humoured, if occasionally little short-tempered, did their best to set a positive example for Franco, but he grew more and more unkind every day. Years later, Annie and Franco, now completely estranged from one another, married brother and sister Sherman and Rhoda, a police officer and thief respectively. Together Franco and Rhoda built up a powerful crime syndicate, while Annie and Sherman devoted all of her talent for investigative journalism and his knowledge of forensics to bringing them down. When Sherman passed away from old age, Annie continued their work alone, foiling several of her brother’s most diabolical schemes, while caring for her and Sherman’s two children, Ty and Athena.

Now Annie has reached the top of her career, re-married, and had a third child. Franco has moved on too, having retired, more or less, from the world of organized crime, and declined into bitter, loveless old age. Still, Annie has a watchful eye on the young, ambitious, and very evil Morgana and Richie, who seem to keen to rise to fill Franco and Rhoda’s shoes. What dark secrets will she uncover next?

Annie’s wife Susannah is an energetic and determined young witch, who, just like Annie, knows how to laugh at herself when she messes up. When she’s not training for her professional sports job, she likes to jam on her guitar with her sister Danette.

Annie and Sherman’s daughter Athena has just come home from university, and has landed herself a job at the nearby science center. Like her brother and dad, she is not an occult sim, although she can work her own kind of magic with a chemistry lab. Annie loves swapping recipes with Ty, joking around with Susannah, and growing plasma fruit for her mum.

Athena’s half-sister Ruth is good and loves the outdoors, which is an interesting combination of traits for a young vampire! Click here for YA CAS spoilers. 

In my game, Ruth is a vampire/witch hybrid, but since hybrids cannot be saved to the library or shared, the version I have uploaded is just a vampire. If you would like to add the witch occult back to her, you’ll need Nraas Hyrbid and Nraas Master Controller.

The family lives at 53 Rock Pool Park, next door to Athena’s work.

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