Plasma 501 Remodel

I needed an indoor wedding venue for my vampire sim and I never liked the wallpaper in the existing Plasma 501, so this happened. It’s pretty small because I didn’t want it to be spread out over two floors, but it has a wedding arch with seating, two bars, a cake cutting area (remember to bring your own cake), outdoor tables (for after the sunset!), a small dancefloor, and unisex WCs.

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Banzai Lounge Remodel

This is my makeover of the Banzai Lounge. I was in two minds about whether or not to upload this, because the original lot has a floating tile issue (which I have done my best to fix, but may come back) and also a lot of wasted space. But if you’re playing in Bridgeport and dealing with those problems anyway, I figured I might as well offer you a version that at least looks a bit nicer inside.

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The Prosper Room Remodel

I redecorated The Prosper Room, Bridgeport’s premade exclusive lounge. I added a wedding arch and nectar rack, moved everything around a bit, and set up a fun lighting design. I also got rid of most of the top floor – everything but the bathrooms – because I like inactive sims to stay in the same room so I can call them over to dance easily and buy them drinks without having to chase them all over the place.

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Silvertone House

I built this home at 332 Silvertone Way for the Generations section of my EP Legacy. I created everything (including the beams and curved roof) without any third party custom content. For the basic structure to appear as intended you’ll need at least Into the Future for its fence (which I used for the wooden beams), and Lucky Palms, Late Night, and Pets for their columns.

The first floor is mostly open plan, and includes kitchen, sitting, and dining areas, and a large play area that I used for the daycare profession. There are also two WCs, two potty training rooms, a media room, and a narrow balcony. Upstairs you’ll find a twin bedroom, a double nursery, two double bedrooms, an en suite bathroom, two further bathrooms, and a second balcony. Downstairs in the basement is a room made up for a vampire. Outdoor features include a pool, sandpit, further dining space, and two parking spaces. There are two further parking spaces inside the garage.

The house is decorated with unique relics, sculptures, and paintings, and other objects that hold special significance to my sims, although there are no family photos, so you shouldn’t feel like you’re squatting in someone else’s home!

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