Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 21

With Carter approaching the end of his lifespan, I decided it was time for another trip to Oasis Landing, to fulfill the wish that he and Ho Sung had both rolled to have another child.

I thought it might be nice for Jia to come along too, to learn some more sprite forms from the sims there.

Unfortunately, my game just could not make it through the loading screen without crashing. So annoying. It was completely fine the last time we visited.

After three tries I gave up and sent the family to Champs Les Sims instead, for a little holiday.

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Provençal Retreat

I built this quaint French cottage as vacation home for 200 East Northbank Boulevard in Champs Les Sims. Downstairs you’ll find a small kitchen, sitting area, and twin bedroom. The master bedroom is upstairs. Outside, there’s a dining table, chess table, outhouse/privy, and some perfect quality Cherimola Blan and Renoit grapes. The ornamental pear tree at the front conceals a perfect pomegranate tree.

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