Snordwich Chronicles XXVII: Influenza

By early spring, the sickness that had the baker and his wife so worried has made its way round the village to the Fowlers’ cottage. On the Feast of the Candles, Robert comes home from church with weak legs and a fever. His wife Elvina puts him to bed to sleep it off while she makes lunch.

Their daughters are both outside. Rikidle is playing with the chicks.

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Snordwich Chronicles, XIII: Brewing Season

The next morning, Henry Brewer asks after Elvina. Robert tells him that she is in good health, after having given birth to a baby girl.

The villagers continue to take in the autumn harvest. While the adults labour, Henry Yates’ daughter Jaclyn looks after the younger children.

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New Navigation

Just a quick update to let you know I’ve streamlined this site’s main menu  by creating a new page  that links to all three of my legacies.

Oh and I also wanted to share a larger version of the cover picture I’ve created for my EP legacy, as I know some of you got quite attached to my EP sims.  It features Gabriela, Willard, and Mira from generations seven, six, and eleven.


Happy Simming! 🙂