Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 1

Welcome to my second legacy challenge here at GC Sims! The format’s going to be similar to that of my last one – just candid pictures from my game with some commentary/explanation/review. This time, I’ll be having each generation’s heir master three skills. Before we begin, I’d recommend reading the section at the end of my previous post, where I’ve briefly explained a bit more about what that means.

This generation we’re going to be in idyllic Riverview, taking a look at the handiness, sculpting, and cooking skills.

Our founder is Oasis Landing-born teen Arjan Archibilt-Patel. I don’t really have an in-universe reason why he moved out of his parents’ house. Maybe he wanted some independence to focus on his creations.

I chose the handy, savvy sculptor, and natural cooks trait for Arjan, and he rolled neat, loser, frugal, and night owl. He already has all but the last, which I’ll give him when he ages up.

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