EP Legacy Gameplay 11.1

Well here we are on the last generation with Into the Future. I’ve been looking forward to this one, because before now I hadn’t taken the time to explore the expansion pack properly. I made a plumbot once, and I occasionally use some of the new gadgets in my sims’ homes, but I’ve never even been to the future world. I’m going to be just figuring out how everything works as I go along, so do feel free to let me know in the comments if I’m missing something!

Our final heirs are Freila and Rajan’s elder daughter Mira Patel-Hai, and her BFF Ithamar, who is Tristan and Maya’s only child.

Mira’s traits are genius, ambitious, charismatic, born saleswoman, bot fan, family-orientated, and vehicle enthusiast. While I was waiting for Ithamar to grow up, I had her study from home for a degree in Technology. She’s going to be working in the mechanic branch of the bot arena career, and getting really involved in building a variety of plumbots. Mira’s lifetime wish is ‘more than machine’ – to reach level ten in the bot building skill and give a plumbot sentience.

Ithamar’s traits are genius, gatherer, loves the outdoors, handy, excitable, and daredevil. He’s going to be working in the astrophysicist branch of the astronomer career, getting to grips with all of Oasis Landing’s futuristic technology, and hunting down nanites for Mira to use.  His lifetime wish is to be a ‘high tech collector’.

Mira is still a witch, but I got rid of Ithamar’s mermaid occult state because I didn’t like the idea of having to check constantly on his hydration level while he’s running around Oasis Landing hunting for collectables.

I decided only to have two official heirs this generation, but I also wanted to take a look at the new ‘unstable’ trait, so I’ve given it to Mira’s younger sister Lavanya. This trait can cause other ones to switch about, and I thought it might be interesting take her with us to the future every now and then to see what impact the changes have on her descendants. For now, she’s unstable, friendly, disciplined, a supernatural skeptic, and has commitment issues and a good sense of humour.

Mira and Lavanya’s mum Freila, now a retired power broker, is still in the household, although I expect she’ll be staying in Isla Paradiso most of the time.

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