University of Monte Vista Housing

I built this villa as student accommodation for Monte Vista. It has five bedrooms, and can house 8-9 sims.

I don’t think the lot will look right in the university world, so if you want to use it as a dorm, you’ll need Nraas Traveller to send your sims on vacation to Monte Vista or a similar world and Nraas Careers to allow them to study there. If you don’t like mods, you could easily rezone it as an apartment; it would be perfect for young adult sharers.

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EP Legacy Gameplay 9.5

In this part, we’ll be with Marty’s girlfriend Cassidy and his cousin Nathan in Monte Vista. Nathan will be studying Fine Arts and Cassidy will be studying Science & Medicine. Cassidy’s traits are athletic, charismatic, mooch, loves the outdoors, and handy. In case you need a reminder of Nathan’s, they’re avante garde, savvy sculptor, artistic, kleptomaniac, and irresistible.

I’m using Nraas Traveler and Nraas Careers to allow my sims to study abroad. I built a replacement for the university administration center and schools of art and science using these rabbit hole replacement rugs. I haven’t done much decorating inside, but it’ll do for now.

I also made a dormitory for them to use.

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