Building Moonlight Falls, Part 1: Settling In

Benjamin Adelson is just out of high school, and excited to start his new job as a test subject at the Moonlight Falls Science Centre.

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EP Legacy Gameplay 9.8

Over the next couple of parts, we’ll be following Rosanna and her friends Alyson and Fabian as they work towards their degrees in Technology, Fine Arts, and Communications at Aurora Skies University. Alyson and Fabian are brother and sister; I’m not sure if you remember Artur from my Supernatural generation, but they are his grandchildren via his son Gregor. We briefly saw Rosanna getting to know them in this part of my Seasons generation.

In addition to the genius trait they all share, Rosanna has computer whiz, socially awkward, eccentric, and handy, Alyson has natural born performer, virtuoso, athletic, and neurotic, and Fabian has easily impressed, commitment issues, photographer’s eye, and cat person. Rosanna’s lifetime wish is to run a five star blog, Alyson’s is to master all the musical instruments, and Fabian’s is to max out three different skills.

I made a little house for them to rent in Aurora Skies. I enjoy the dormitory experience, but they take quite a while to build and I just wasn’t ready to do that again so soon, or to make over all the puddings who would inevitably move in.

I also started to built a sort of technology institute for Rosanna to study at, but it wasn’t really my style so I got bored and didn’t furnish it. It does look quite fun when it’s lit up at night, though.

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EP Legacy Gameplay 9.5

In this part, we’ll be with Marty’s girlfriend Cassidy and his cousin Nathan in Monte Vista. Nathan will be studying Fine Arts and Cassidy will be studying Science & Medicine. Cassidy’s traits are athletic, charismatic, mooch, loves the outdoors, and handy. In case you need a reminder of Nathan’s, they’re avante garde, savvy sculptor, artistic, kleptomaniac, and irresistible.

I’m using Nraas Traveler and Nraas Careers to allow my sims to study abroad. I built a replacement for the university administration center and schools of art and science using these rabbit hole replacement rugs. I haven’t done much decorating inside, but it’ll do for now.

I also made a dormitory for them to use.

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