Casa de la Cumbra

This luxury Spanish Revival home features six double bedrooms, a large nursery, 5.5 bathrooms, a pool, various areas for entertainment and relaxation, and parking for six cars. I built it for 604 Vista Blvd. in Starlight Shores, which is a corner lot, but if you want to place it somewhere else all you’ll have to do is erase a little bit of terrain painting at the side. Like all of my uploads, it’s free from CAP and CC but uses a fair bit of store content, so just ask if you see something in the pictures you don’t recognize.

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EP Legacy Gameplay 6.1

It took me a little while to build the Starlight Shores home for the next generation, but now it’s finally inhabitable I can start to to take a proper look at the Showtime expansion!

I was pretty underwhelmed by this pack when it was first released: it seemed to have so little content; I wasn’t interested in having my sims because famous performers all over again (they’d done that already with Late Night); and the online component, though it was optional and didn’t disrupt my gameplay, did worry me about the future direction of the series.

But for me Showtime has definitely improved with time. Genies have become one of my two favourite life states in the game (I have a soft spot for aliens too, in case you’re wondering!) As to the main content, the three new professions stand up quite well against the Ambitions ones, since they don’t require your perfectly kind and responsible sims to start stealing one another’s wallets (for example), but instead provide fun events for them to attend. I also love all the costumes, and I basically think that the performer animations – by turns graceful, memorizing, thrilling, and ridiculous – are among the best you’ll find in any Sims 3 expansion pack, outside of Pets. There are some fantastic new and returning objects, too, such as the mechanical bull, DJ booth, karaoke machine, dominoes, photo booth, golf range, table arcade games, and dance sphere.

Still, I want more. I want even more job options – comedy, modelling, voice coaching, personal training; I want the film career out of Late Night and put here where it belongs, in the town so obviously based on Hollywood (and to make room in Late Night for things like proper restaurants). I want bands to be able to perform with singers, and multiple acrobats to be able to perform stunts together. I want more luxury lifestyle objects and experiences, like jewelry shops, oxygen bars, and new spa equipment.

Instead, we got this. It continues to feel a bit flimsy to me, particularly in comparison to the expansion packs that precede and follow it, Pets and Supernatural, but the content that is there is undeniably nicely done, so over the years I’ve kind of reconciled myself to it, and now I’m looking forward to sharing my play-through with you.

One major feature that unfortunately I won’t be able to show off is simport, as I’ve heard some reports of CC hitching a ride with sims, and I’m just not willing to put me game at risk, or, worse, have some of my own CC end up with someone who doesn’t want it. So, we’re just going to have some vanilla, offline performances in my own town, with my acrobat Juliana Borges-Striker, my soon-to-be magician Janessa Holcomb-Shepherd, and her cousin Willard Singleton-Marks, who aspires to be a singer. For this generation, I’ve turned celebrities status back on to see whether it does anything, though I doubt I’ll be spending much time chasing after star power.

Juliana is related to Janessa and Willard but quite distantly and not in any way the game recognizes; she’s their third cousin, I think. Her traits are social butterfly, athletic, snob, brave, and light sleeper.

Janessa is a natural born performer, daredevil, perfectionist, and vegetarian. When she ages up, her final trait will be lucky. In the mean time, I’ve signed her up for a ‘junior explorers’ after school club that comes with the Nraas Careers: School mod.

Willard’s traits are diva, virtuoso, party animal, and slob, and I plan to make him ambitious too. For now he works part time at the theater as a cinema clerk, thanks to the same mod.

Juliana, Janessa, and Willard live with Willard’s parents, mad scientist Imani and leader of the free world Booker, and their three cats, Shadow, Boo, and Tia. I couldn’t have included any more of last generation’s couples in the household without giving up the chance to invite a genie to live with us. I chose Imani and Booker because their son is the youngest of the heirs, so probably needs the most looking after.

The family lives at 604 Vista Blvd in a mansion I built to replace the two-bedroom ‘Castle’ that stood there before.

The only beautiful vista lots in this town are the performance park and swimming pool, so I just chose this one because it was big and unoccupied, and has a (sort of) view of the sea and the ‘Hollywood’ sign.

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