EP Legacy Gameplay 1.2

Back in Sunset Valley, Naoise worked on his athletic skill, while Sara read a gardening book and planted some seeds she’d found around town. When her gardening skill is high enough, she’ll be able to plant the pomegranates and plums her sister brought back from Egypt.

Elisa threw a party on the beach.

Elisa caught up with old friends, and Naoise made a new one.

As soon as Maria’s travel moodlet expired, I had Naoise and her head off to China.

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EP Legacy Gameplay 1.1

I’ve finally made a start on generation two, who will be exploring some of the content from the World Adventures EP. As a huge WA apologist, I’m really looking forward to this generation, although my sims’ typical vacation to France, China, or Egypt involves resorts, holiday romances, clubs, and water sports, so I’m a little bit apprehensive about the more pared-down, goal-orientated play through that this will be.

For my main sims, I’ve avoided choosing LTWs that I pick quite often or find very easy to complete (ruling out Visionary, Physical Perfection, and Bottomless Nectar Cellar), and also any that would require multiple visits to more than one destination (since each of my sims will be focusing on exploring a different location). However, I may end up playing through a few of these with any friends, love interests, or stray mummies that I add to the household.

I am debating whether or not to turn on weather for the vacaction worlds. The point of this legacy is to experience each expansion pack as it was originally released (with a bit of extra store content featured here and there), but seeing some snow in China or having to keep out of the heat in Egypt just brings so much beauty and realism to the game. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!

In the mean time, allow me introduce you to this generation’s heirs, sisters Maria and Sara, and their brother Naoise.

Maria, the eldest, is brave, adventurous, handy, and athletic, and has a photographer’s eye. Her favourite food is falafel, and she will be focusing on Egyptian adventures. She wants to have a ‘world-class gallery’, which will mean creating a photograph collection worth 25000 simoleons, including at least ten photographs from each location. (I don’t mind having Maria quickly snap some pictures in China and France: I just didn’t want her exploring tombs there and eating into the fresh quests available to Naoise and Sara.)

Her brother Naoise wants to become a ‘martial arts master’ by winning a martial arts tournament. He is still in school, but I see no reason why he can’t take a casual trip or two to China and start learning martial arts. Naoise’s favourite food is egg rolls, and he’s a loner, adventuous, and disciplined, and loves the outdoors. I’ll also be giving him the angler trait when he ages up, as there are lots of fishing opportunities available in China.

Naoise’s twin sister Sara is adventurous, a snob, friendly, and lucky; she will eventually also have a green thumb. her favourite food is crepes, and she will be exploring France and learning all about nectar making. I’ve given her the the LTW to have a ‘private museum’.

Maria, Naoise, and Sara live in Sunset Valley with their mum Elisa, dad Grady, and little sister Breda. Elisa supports the family financially with her job in the politics career; Grady, having retired from the law enforcement career, cooks and looks after the house.

The family lives at where the Wolffs used to, a +30 beautiful vista lot with panoramic sea views. Their house is currently unfurnished, but will soon be filled with photos, relics, and other collectables.

Maria was the first to travel, arriving in Egypt with six days to spend adventuring.

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