Now accepting tutorial requests!

Just a heads up about my brand new CFE Tutorial Requests page, which is also where I’ll be indexing the tutorials I’ve already written.

So if you have a picture that’s been sitting in your inspiration folder for months because you can’t quite figure out how to simmify it, let me help you out.

Happy¬†simming ūüôā

CFE Tutorial: A Mid-Century Living Room, Method Two

In my last¬†tutorial, I explained¬†how I’d create a sloped ceiling to match an inspiration picture I’d been given. This time, I’m going to be using similar techniques, but with the addition of 3D beams. I’m going to try to keep things as beginner-friendly as possible, but I’ll assume throughout that you’ve already read and understood that previous tutorial.

Here’s what we’ll be working towards:

I’ll be using the base game monorail fencing to create the beams. I’m going to get them pushed up against the ceiling like that by creating a very thin level just for them. To help you visualize what I mean, here’s how the empty room would look if I colour coded the three different levels purple, red, and yellow:

Let’s get started…

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CFE Tutorial: A Mid-Century Living Room, Method One

I was asked last weekend by the author of Sim Creates to write a tutorial to help people use the constrainfloorelevation off cheat to create sloped ceilings.

I’ve been thinking a lot since then about how best to approach this request.¬†I use a bit of cfe in almost all of my builds, and¬†explaining¬†‘sloped ceilings’ would involve far too many variables to cover in one tutorial. Sim Creates provided¬†me with a lovely picture, so what I’ve decided to do is talk through how I would recreate it in the game. It’ll be a kind of ‘learn by example’ thing.

Here is the picture.


I’m going to show you two different versions over the course of two posts, one without 3D ceiling beams and a more advanced version with them. Both will be step-by-step guides and should be comprehensible to people who have never done any cfe work before, but the second one will take longer and might get stressful for beginners.

Of course, to make¬†a basic¬†sloped ceiling¬†you don’t have to use cfe at all: simply don’t put any tiles under the roof.¬†But if you want to be able to paint the ceiling, read on!

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