EP Legacy Gameplay 2.1

This generation, brother and sister Daniel and Sonia Borges-Keaten and their cousin Muriel Elfman-Manon will be in Twinbrook, playing through some of the content from Ambitions. Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of this expansion pack; in fact, of those I’ve properly explored (all but Into the Future), it might be my least favourite. But I’ll try to keep an open mind and not be too grumpy!

This is Daniel. He’s artistic, perceptive, ambitious, charismatic, and dramatic, and will be tackling the architect profession. In my regular gameplay, I like to build very detailed, personalized homes for all the town’s families, and resent being called upon to tear down my hard work to create a gym in a house that is clearly too small for one or, worse, a ‘sanctuary’ for a ‘teen’ I know does not exist. My past experience with this profession has been almost entirely negative, but I wanted to give it another chance.

Here is Daniel’s sister Sonia. She’s eccentric, brave, a genius, and handy, and will eventually also be a daredevil.  Sonia will be focusing on the inventing skill and also, once she’s graduated from high school, the ghost hunting profession.

Daniel and Sonia’s cousin Muriel is eco-friendly and a perfectionist. She also has the hidden ‘French culture’ and ‘can salute’ traits. She will eventually also be a savvy sculptor, born salesperson, and natural cook. For the first week or so, Muriel will just be attending school and running her own little bake sale. As soon as she’s old enough, she’s going to take up sculpting, and will also be the one making the trips to the Twinbrook Buy and Bargain Shop to sell Daniel’s paintings, Sonia’s inventions, and her own sculptures. I’ve never actually used the consignment store before, so I am looking forward to seeing what that’s all about.

Daniel, Sonia, and Muriel live with Muriel’s twin sister Salome, little brother Victor, and their parents Maria and Manon. Maria is retired and spends most of her time cooking and gardening, while Manon still works in the military career.

I built the family a house where Aerie Supply used to be, a +50 beautiful vista lot. It’s located in the swampier part of town, which is one of my absolute favourite locations in the game. The lots on the other side of the river are fine – they certainly make a convincing location for NOLA-inspired  homes – but they just can’t compete in terms of lovely views or unique atmosphere.

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