Snordwich Chronicles, XXXII: Childbed Fever

It has been a difficult year for the baron and his wife. They had hoped that Roger would learn enough discipline, courage and courtesy from Sir Thomas to be sent to serve Lord Effenmont, but when they saw the boy at the Feast of the Nativity, they could not ignore how little he had improved. And his younger brother, of course, does not do much better at home.

Concluding that introducing Roger to any their powerful friends would do his prospects more harm than good, his parents determined to secure a bride for him before word of his temperament could spread. Over the past few weeks, they have been back and forth between Snordwich and Effenmont several times, negotiating a marriage contract. The earl would not part with his own daughter to a boy whose father apparently did not think fit to send to serve in the household of a peer; but he was at last willing to offer his orphaned niece, Matilda Howard.

The wedding will take place next spring, although the young couple will not live together as man and wife until a few years later. Lord Snordwich is relieved to have the negotiations behind him, and to be back in his own home with his friends.

His marshal and chief household officer Gilbert Grancourt is also glad to have his lordship home and entertaining guests. He is happier at Plumbob Hall than he was in his own household, and happier still when he has even more work than usual to undertake. In fact the more horses he has to stable, the more complicated arrangements he has to make, and the more detailed records he has to keep, the less gloomy and spiteful he feels.

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Photobucket Now Charging for 3rd Party Hosting: Please Bear with Me

I’ve been very busy over the last couple of days and somehow missed that Photobucket has stuck the ability to embed images on 3rd party sites behind a hulking great paywall.

I use Photobucket to host most of the the images I share on this blog, which —as you may have noticed—are now broken.

Fortunately, I have backups of them all, but if Photobucket sticks with this decision, I am still going to have to go through hundreds of posts and re-embed thousands of images. I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope you will bear with me while I slowly work my way through this tedious process; I imagine it will take me quite a while.

In the mean time, if there is a particular post you’d like to see sooner rather than later, just drop me a comment at the bottom of it. As always, I have anonymous comments enabled for those of anyone who doesn’t want to sign in.

Happy Simming!


Thank goodness for backups!

I got a bit of a fright a couple of days ago when my game started crashing on launch. Just before that, I’d installed some horses, which had come up clean in custard, but were still the most obvious culprits.  I tried removing the horses via the launcher but the uninstaller just kept crashing before it could do anything, and I tried deleting them from my saved sims file but the crashes persisted.

I poked around my game files a bit, and by process of elimination discovered that something in my dccache folder was to blame (which, incidentally, was  also the case the last time  I had major crash-on-launch issues). As I was contemplating the mind-numbing possibility of having to reinstall all my store content, I remembered I had a clean dccache backup I’d taken a couple of years ago. The old folder worked a charm, and my game is now working again.

So the moral of the story is back up all your files, but especially that oh-so-delicate dccache, because the launcher will break it at some point.

Thank you for the nomination!

Quackermole of the Frosted Legacy just nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Their legacy story is a fun read and you should definitely go check it out if you’re into the ‘player is exasperated by their unruly sims’ genre (which is my personal favourite).

I’ve actually already been nominated for this award by the lovely RosemaryMarie, and you can read my official post about it here, but I just wanted to take a moment to say a proper thanks to Quackermole 🙂

Coming Soon: The Sims 1! Taking character requests.

After the fun I had with The Sims Medieval, I decided to dig still further back into the series’ past to revisit an old favourite of mine, The Sims 1.


The base game doesn’t really have a theme; it’s just about keeping your sims happy as they make friends and progress up through their career paths. Because of this, I’ve been a bit stuck about the kinds of sims I’d like to make, so I’ve decided to invite the people who comment here design one each.

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Annans Uploaded!

I wasn’t able to upload my Annan family with their house yesterday because I was having some issues getting them to clear custard. The problem turned out to be Flora’s career outfit – a chef uniform from the store that was for some reason getting attached as though it were cc.

I’ve given her different work clothes, and the household is now clean and ready to go. I hope you enjoy them!



The McDermott-Touch Household

Korey and his little brother Alasdair were raised by their dad and granddad on a farm in Riverview. But Korey never enjoyed weeding plants or taking country walks, and both he and Alasdair dreamed of more glamorous careers, full of action, adventure, and romance. In pursuit of the life for which he wished, Korey take a degree in technology at Sims University, and enrolled in the police force, eventually working his way up its secret agent branch to become an international super spy. Despite some personal differences, he’s managed to develop a solid working relationship with his partner, Agent Jodie Riggins-Shue. When they’re out on a job, he helps her keep her kleptomania in check, while she (somewhat less successfully) tries to get him to overcome his dislike of fresh air.

Korey’s wife Tina always enjoyed looking after herself by keeping fit and eating well. She spent most of her adult life as Barnacle Bay’s strongest, bravest patrol officer before her boss Jodie encouraged her to take on a fresh set of challenges by earning a technology degree and having a go at crime scene forensics. Tina is based on Tina Touch from Barnacle Bay. 

Unlike his dad, Korey and Tina’s son Richard loves spending time outdoors, especially when there’s fish to catch. Plenty of his extended family would be more than happy to take him to a good spot, but Richard prefers to wonder off alone and get lost in his own thoughts. Conversely, Richard’s little brother Bryan would much rather stay indoors and play. (I have young adult CAS spoilers for both Richard and Bryan if you’re interested.)

The family lives in the center of town next door to Kina and Fern. I wanted the layout and roof line of their home to be a bit higgledy-piggledy, to suggest that the architecture had been modified and expanded multiple times over the centuries.

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Vanishing Comments!

Apparently this site has been eating some of your comments. Although I only know of this happening with two so far, there could of course be others that disappeared before I had a chance to see them. In fact, I’m only aware about this problem because someone kindly let me know. The missing comments aren’t hidden in my trash or spam folders.

I’m really sorry if this has happened to your comment! I appreciate everything you write here, and I hate to think of your time being wasted.

Both the missing comments were made on the same post and same day, so I’m hoping maybe this is an isolated incident. But if you do notice that anything you have written is no longer displayed, it would be very helpful if you could let me know – over at the My Pages if the site won’t let you leave any comments here for long enough for me to see.

Many thanks and happy simming xxx