South Shang Simla Park

My beautiful vistas research inspired me to build a couple of things for Shang Simla. Here is the first of them, a place for your sims to hone their martial arts skills, enjoy a relaxing steam bath, or grab a quiet drink.

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Riverblossom Manor

I had a lot of fun building and playing with Riverblossom Manor, my first big Skills Legacy home. It’s a laid back country manor, with traditional furnishings and lots of places to sit about and relax. I designed this house for my second generation heir Elisabeth, so I’ve focused on the painting and logic skills, but there’s also a greenhouse ready for your gardener sims.

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Maple Heights

Welcome to Maple Heights, a luxurious modern home. I built this while playing the final generation of my EP Legacy, but it’s not a typical legacy mansion designed to accommodate a large family. Although there’s an emergency nursery and changing room, Maple Heights is really meant for one or two singles or couples. Such sims will find it to be a spacious, comfortable, and surprisingly low maintenance home.

In addition to the nursery, there are two double bedrooms. The smaller one connects to a walk in closet, en suite WC and shower, and bot building lab; the larger, to a gym, master bathroom, office, and sizable balcony. The house’s other facilities include a home cinema, pool, further office, four car garage, and grand reception room.

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Some Legacy Sims

I was asked to upload a few of the sims from my EP legacy, so here you go!

Janessa is the master magician from my Showtime generation. Her traits are daredevil, lucky, vegetarian, natural born performer, and perfectionist.

Artur is the fairy and celebrity psychic from my Supernatural generation. His traits are charismatic, rebellious, green thumb, brooding, and genius.

Nathan and Rosanna are from my University generation.

Nathan is a master forger and holds a degree in Fine Arts. In my game, he is a fairy/witch hyrbid, but the version I have uploaded it just a witch. His traits are night owl, born salesman, avant garde, savvy sculptor, artistic, kleptomaniac, and irresistible.

Rosanna holds a degree in Technology. She was meant to be joining the game designer career, but it’s bugged for me, so she’s just a level four journalist instead. She’s a fairy/genie in my game, but I dropped the fairy part for this upload. Her traits are eccentric, workaholic, handy, genius, good sense of humour, computer whiz, socially awkward, pyromaniac, immune to fire, can apprehend burglar, and can salute.

In case you’re wondering, in my legacy Nathan and Rosanna are cousins, Janessa is their grandmother, and Artur is not immediately related to them, but in your own game you can obviously play them however you want.

They are all CC-free, but pictured with my usual defaults.