CFE Tutorial Requests

As you may have noticed, I use the ‘constrainfloorelevation off’ cheat in almost all of my builds. Every now and then, someone suggests I write some tutorials about my techniques, but there are so many possibilities that it’s difficult to know where to start!

So, I’ve decided to open this tutorial requests section, where people can link to pictures of effects they’re struggling to replicate, and I’ll respond with a tutorial explaining how I’d go about it. The pictures can either be of something in one of my own builds you don’t know how I achieved, or real life inspiration pictures.

Here are the two tutorials I’ve written for the site so far. They’re both quite long and complicated, and I’d like to write something simpler next, but it should still be possible for beginners to follow at least the first method step by step.


Please note that both these tutorials have broken picture links, thanks to Photobucket’s recent changes to its ToS. To view them as intended, please install this extension for Chrome.