Snordwich Chronicles, LXV: Misconceptions

The first day of autumn brings heavy showers.

Tephna is relieved to have made it back from Lockville in time to keep an eye on her mother during the wet weather.

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Snordwich Chronicles, LXI: Rikilde

Rikilde is Hugh Cotter’s wife now.

They were married shortly after her mother died. It was not ideal, to have a hurried little wedding so close to the funeral, but they both agreed it would helpĀ strengthen their bid for the guardianship of her little brother Robert.

They had worried that her sister’s husband Richard would challenge their suit, but he did not. Now she and Hugh will bring Robert up together, managing his inheritance for him until he is of age to claim it.

They first thought they might maintain two households, with Hugh, Robert and her in one cottage, and Hugh’s mother, sister and brother in the other, but in the end they decided it would be cheaper to keep everyone together under one roof.

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Snordwich Chronicles, LX: Ivetta

The following morning, Ewfame and Hilith at last get some time to talk to Thomas. He assures them he is well, and shows them his favourite spot in the gardens. Things were too quiet here while the rest his lordship’s household were away in Advorton, he says, but now they have returned everyone is in high spirits. He and Sir Thomas’ son John take their supper together whenever it is not their turn to serve the high table, and they have become the best of friends.

Thomas has a wedding present for his sister, a piece of polished green jasper he bought from a merchant in Effenmont. If she keeps it close by her, it will bring her luck and good health. Hilith is touched by the gift.

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