Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 19

Jia won’t be able to level up her social networking skill until she’s a teenager, but she loves to stream video and browse the web on her phone.

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South Simla Hideaway

Here’s the little home I built for first Shang Simla generation of my Skills Legacy. At just over 35K, it would make an affordable vacation home for a couple or small family. I’ve used cheap plumbing and kitchen appliances, so you may want to switch in nicer ones if you have a little more to spend.

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Snordwich Chronicles, LXXII: Something Borrowed

Everyone comes out to watch when the noble folk ride away. Some of the grown ups mutter amongst themselves. It is never good for the village for his lordship’s entire household to be from home.

For at least one person, though, the bad news is softened by good. Tephna will at last be able to marry her sweetheart Ralf, who has been placed on leave until the winter.

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