Skills Legacy

This legacy follows on from my EP Legacy. It begins in Riverview (Parts One to Eleven), but throughout the ten generation run time we’ll also be making homes in Shang Simla (Parts Twelve to Thirty-Four), Twinbrook, Lunar Lakes, and Monte Vista.

Each generation, my heir will explore three skills, and only those three. Three of their traits will support the skills they’ve rolled, and the remaining four will be randomly selected from a list I’ve made.

These restrictions also apply to spouses and siblings. However, as of generation five, I’ve introduced a rule that allows each spouse to have one additional skill, also randomly determined.



Generation One (Handiness, Sculpting, Cooking): Parts One to Seven

Generation Two (Logic, Painting, Athletic): Parts Three to Eleven

Generation Three (Photography, Mixology, Martial Arts): Parts Nine to Twenty-Seven

Generation Four (Collecting, Advanced Technology, Social Networking): Parts Eighteen to Thirty-Four

Generation Five (Fishing, Science, DJing): Part Thirty-One Onwards