Skills Legacy

This legacy follows on from my EP Legacy. It begins in Riverview (Parts One to Eleven), but throughout the ten generation run time we’ll also be making homes in Shang Simla (Part Twelve Onwards), Twinbrook, Lunar Lakes, and Monte Vista.

Each generation, my heir will explore three skills, and only those three. Three of their traits will support the skills they’ve rolled, and the remaining four will be randomly selected from a list I’ve made.


Generation One (Handiness, Sculpting, Cooking): Parts One to Seven

Generation Two (Logic, Painting, Athletic): Parts Three to Eleven

Generation Three (Photography, Mixology, Martial Arts): Part Nine to Twenty-Seven

Generation Four (Collecting, Advanced Technology, Social Networking): Part Eighteen Onwards

Generation Five (Fishing, Science, DJing)


  • Part Twenty-Eight
  • Part Twenty-Seven
  • Part Twenty-Six
  • Part Twenty-Five
  • Part Twenty-Four
  • Part Twenty-Three
  • Part Twenty-Two
  • Part Twenty-One
  • Part Twenty
  • Part Nineteen
  • Part Eighteen
  • Part Seventeen
  • Part Sixteen
  • Part Fifteen
  • Part Fourteen
  • Part Thirteen
  • Part Twelve
  • Part Eleven: Carter attends prom, spends a night on the town with friends, throws a party, and continues to build up his drinks repertoire; the family dog passes away but is soon spotted in ghost form;  Carter becomes a young adult.
  • Part Ten: Carter’s dad passes away; Carter and Elisabeth have birthdays; Carter expands his photography collection and starts to build his mixology skill.
  • Part Nine: Carter grows up and makes some friends; his parents take him to Al Simhara to buy a camera.
  • Part Eight: Elisabeth asks her boyfriend to move in and makes some sleep potions; the family celebrates Snow Day; Elisabeth’s mum passes away; Carter Simovitch-Grisby is born.
  • Part Seven: Elisabeth takes a liking to a sim she meets at the family costume party; Arjan and his wife treat their friends to a holiday in Al Simhara; Arjan passes away.
  • Part Six: The family moves into a larger home and adopts a dog; Elisabeth works on her painting, enters the world of competitive chess, and hangs out with her friends; Arjan fulfills a huge sculpting commission and becomes an elder.
  • Part Five: Father and daughter briefly visit Shang Simla; Elisabeth goes on a bad date, hangs out with her cousin, and ages up into a young adult.
  • Part Four: Elisabeth becomes a teenager, begins to sabotage her dad’s electronics, and attends prom; I add some details to the house and build an extension; Arjan marries his girlfriend, who is soon pregnant again.
  • Part Three: Arjan’s daughter, Elisabeth Archibilt-Grisby, is born and has two birthdays; Arjan proposes to Elisabeth’s mother and works on his sculpting.
  • Part Two: Arjan gets a job in the culinary career, accepts sculpting and cooking opportunities, goes on a date, makes a trip to Champs Les Sims, and attends his mum’s funeral.
  • Part One: Our founder Arjan Archibilt-Patel moves to Riverview, signs up for culinary school, makes some friends, begins to work on his skills, and ages up into a young adult.