Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 18

Looking through the achievements list for something interesting to do in Arcadia, I noticed one that requires you to win a sword fight with the worst sword in the game – a normal quality crude longsword. I tried to have Bethany craft one for Orlando, but it kept coming out too high quality, so in the end I just had him buy one from her apprentice.

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Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 17

Before heading back to Arcadia, I decided to stop by Whale Town to check out the pro-Aarbyvillian ending to the war quest lines. I rushed through a just enough war quests required to take on ‘Gut the Quild’ and end the war. The primary hero had to be my monarch, Lord Milas, but my secondary hero could be anyone, so I chose my physician, Bloodletter Llewala.

Lord Milas met with the pirates to draw up a plan of attack. Darktide, Broadside, and the Blacksail were there. No Misty, though. After the meeting, the Blacksail stayed behind for a word in Milas’ ear about Admiral Mandrake. The plan was to capture and interrogate him, but afterwords Darktide and Broadside intended to keep him prisoner, whereas the Blacksail proposed to kill him.

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Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 16

Finishing ‘Under Siege’ brought my war quest count to ten, but there had been a couple of short ones at the beginning on which I’d failed to make platinum, so I still had two more to do. I decided to take ‘Rush to Pledge’ with Wyllas to give him an opportunity to become a member of the Guild Consortium.

In the banquet hall, Wyllas met Tredonian Viceroy Mancomb Fortbark, who gave him a book containing the guild pledge for him to memorize, and warned him that during his induction he must refer to himself only as ‘pledge’.

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Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 15

Completing ‘A Pirate’s Life for Me’ with Theodred moved the war gauge still further towards Aarbyville and unlocked a couple of new quests. The one that looked like it would contribute to the story in the most interesting way was called ‘The Betrayal’, and offered a monarch, spy, or physician the chance to break with the pirates in favour of the Guild.

I chose Orlando as my hero, and got to work on the first objective. A group of pirates had captured the Tredonian royal advisor, Admiral Horus Mandrake, and asked Orlando to take him into custody while they dealt with the rescue party that had been sent to search for him in Aarbyville.

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Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 14

‘Turncoats’, one of the two quests that next came up, offers you a chance to gain either pirate or guild allegiance, by convincing Aarbyvillians or Tredonians to cross over to the enemy side. The primary hero in this quest can be a priest, knight, or physician. Since my last physician married a pirate, I decided take the pro-Aarbyville approach using their son, Alysande’s successor Theodred. Here he is in CAS. His traits are jokester, earthy, and seductive. 

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Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 12

Well, here we are at ‘Peacekeeper’ ambition, ready to start the new quests added with Pirates and Nobles. I’m going to be describing them in more detail than usual, because I’ve heard that together they actually make up a proper story line.

‘Ominous Tides’, the quest that kicks everything off,  needs to be undertaken with a monarch, so I had to select Arcadia’s current ruler, Emperor Orlando the Great. Orlando is Halfred’s son and Vana’s brother. I can see a lot of his father in him, and I’m relieved to say that he doesn’t seem to suffer from the bugs his sister did. Between parts, I played with all my newly aged up sims a bit to level them up and get rid of their fatal flaws, so Orlando is already at level eight. His traits are adventurous, eloquent, and strong constitution.

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Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 11

The last base game ambition I had left was ‘Best in Show’, which, to complete at platinum level, requires you to raise all kingdom aspects to twelve. Obviously I’d done that already in Arcadia, but I thought the tally might continue past twelve, and allow me to progress through the ambition by gaining additional levels. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Grim’s mod does let you to set kingdom aspects to any level, so I tried lowering them all zero to give myself room to raise them up again, but, since I’d started the ambition with everything already maxed out, the tally registered them as all now being at minus twelve! Realizing I had to go into the ambition with everything already at zero, I went back into the save file I’d left at the end of ‘Efficient Expander’ and fixed the kingdom aspects there. This extra step finally allowed me to restart ‘Best in Show’ with the tally working correctly.

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Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 10

My next sim to gain a legendary trait was Maedhros, on the ‘Secure with Secrets’ approach to the ‘Invasion!’ quest. This quest is usually only available in kingdoms with low security, but I’m still using the ‘ShowAllQuests’ cheat. I’d already completed this with Bethany and Elric, hoping to get rid of his fatal flaw, but it seems that not all approaches to this quest with earn your hero a legendary trait.

Maedhros exposed the brigands who were plotting to invade the kingdom and executed their leader.

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Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 9

When I came to the ‘thoughts and prayers’ and ‘safe and sound’ ambitions, which respectively involve maxing out the knowledge & culture and security & well-being aspects, I decided to start two new kingdoms, before returning to Arcadia for the final four ambitions. I could just have stayed put, but I was interested to see what it would be play in a couple of kingdoms with very unbalanced aspects; plus, I wanted to get the ‘brains over brawn’ (build knowledge at the expense of security) and ‘watcher who?’ (build security at the expense of culture) achievements.

Unfortunately, I found beginning all over again in a starter version of the same basic kingdom even more frustrating than I’d expected. I ended up getting bored and playing through the quests on top speed, and not really finding much I wanted to capture and share. I thought about not even bothering to mention any of this at all, but I ultimately decided I should at least show you the sims I made and mention some of the features of kingdoms with very high or very low aspect scores.

So, here are my monarch, Peteran priest, wizard, and blacksmith. The Queen was Juliana, but I can’t even remember what I called the others. I made them all drunkards, because I was going for the ‘gluttons and guzzlers’ achievement. I did eventually fill the other hero positions with five gluttons and one more drunkard, but these are the only four I played.

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